Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 18th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Samar Confronts Satya Thinking Her as Usual Marriage Breaking Divorce Lawyer

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 18th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Satya goes to a hotel to meet her client. Samar also reaches to the same restaurant and sits on adjacent table nearby waiting for Jaya. His college friends meet him and ask what is he doing here. Samar says he is waiting for his wife. They are surprised and asks when did he marry. Samar says their bhabhi is coming soon, they can meet her, asks what are they doing here. They say they came to support their another college friend who is getting divorced. Satya checks her client’s file. Jaya reaches hotel, calls Sayta and asks where is she. Satya tells location and continues questioning client, ignoring client’s husband. Waiter shows Satya’s location to Jaya. Jaya joins Satya who orders chole bhature for Jaya while she finishes her meeting with client. Samar’s

friends ask how is his married life. Samar says beautiful and starts praising Jaya, he falls in Jaya’s love, love at first sight each day. Satya asks client what issue she has. Client says her husband does not have time for her. Husband says he is busy in his work, but his wife thinks he is ignoring her. Wife says he spends time with his friends and not her. Satya says he should remember his wife needs his attention. Husband says he meets his friends to relax. Jaya thinks Samar is not like that. Waiter delivers chole bhature to Samar’s table. Samar asks to keep it there itself as his wife likes chole bhature a lot. Satya continues tongue lashing her client’s husband. Husband says he wants to stay with his wife and does not want divorce. Satya forcefully says her client does not want to stay with him and she will start divorce proceedings from next week.

Jaya walks aside to call Samar and is surprised to see him with laughing with his friend. She walks to him. Samar says he was waiting for her and waiter gave someone else’s chole bhature order, but since she loves chole bhature, he asked to keep it for her. He introduces his friends to her. She yells that he came here to enjoy with his friends leaving her home alone, her mamma was right, etc.. she continues yelling and walks away. His friend joins him and asks what happened to him. Samar says his wife misunderstood him and left. Friend says Samar’s wife will calm down, but his wife will not as her marriage breaking lawyer wants her to divorce forcefully. Samar walks to Satya whose back is on Samar’s side and blurts out why she wants to break someone’s happy married life, even he has a saas who is breaking daughter’s house and interferes a lot, etc. Jaya returns. Satya turns. Samar stands shocked. Satya walks away with Jaya.

Satya returns home with Jaya. Driver brings Jaya’s bag and bouquet. Naani says Satya that she is spoiling Jaya’s married life. Jaya says she herself came and says she does not know what Samar did. Samar enters and says he wanted to do something and something else happened, explains whole story. Jaya says how can he behave with old lady. Samar says he was stressful. Jaya continues brainlessly yelling at him and locks herself in her room. Samar knocks door repeatedly and requests to listen to him once. Satya stops him and asks to leave. Samar leaves. Jaya continues crying reminiscing Samar confronts Satya thinking he as usual divorce lawyer. Satya knocks door and asks to open door as Samar left. Jaya opens door and cries that her husband insulted her mother. Satya says if she does not want her to feel bad, she should wipe her tears, Samar did not know it is her, she will get food for her and walks away. Jaya looks at note on bouqet.

Precap: Jaya reads Samar’s note in bouquet and realizes Samar was right.

Update Credit to: MA

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