Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 17th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Samar Gets Attracted To Jaya

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 17th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lallan reaches groom’s house with haldi and is about out ring bell when Samar with Jaya reaches there and takes haldi bowl from him. Groom’s father opens door and sees Samar with haldi and praises haldi came on time. Lallan asks Samar how did he reach before him. Samar says magic and leaves with Jaya o her scooter. At home, Samar’s family nervously waits thinking if Samar delivered haldi or not. Samar enters and says he delivered haldi on time and credit goes to Jaya. He calls Jaya in. Jaya feeling guilty walks in and apologizes for mishap. Rama says she did mistake unknowingly and even they did mistake, by not informing her about their family rituals. Jaya relaxes. Rama has how does she get so much positive energy. Jaya says it is her mother’s blessings.

Satya in court tells her client that she did a mistake by being good to her saas/MIL and assures to get her divorce soon. Samar’s family continues enjoying. Samar throws haldi on Jaya. Satya while returning home calls Jaya, Jaya shouts when Samar throws haldi on her. Satya gets concerned and heads towards Samar’s house. Jaya also throws haldi on Samar. Whole family joins and throw haldi on each other. Satya enters house. Rama throws haldi on Jaya which falls on Satya. Rama apologizes. Jaya takes Satya to washroom. Rama walks in and asks Jaya why did not she inform her mummy is coming and says oil to remove haldi stains. Satya turns, but someone calls Rama and she leaves.

Samar and Sarika get emotional and share a quality time with Rama. He taunts Sarika. Sarika says let us sleep with maa today, she on maam’s left hand and he on right hand. Rama says her hands will ache in the morning. Sarika says she can bear pain for 1 day. Sarika then panics how will her wedding function be. Samar assures her not to worry as Jaya will handle it well like she handled haldi ceremony.

Next morning, Jaya wakes up hurriedly and informs Satya that she has so many functions to handle today and rushes to get ready. She reaches Samar’s home and handles situaiton well. She gives each family’s wedding dress as per taste and wins their hearts. Samar does not know to wear pagdi and stands confused Jaya makes him sit and ties pagdi on his head. He just looks at her face and falls in her love… A romantic song plays in the backgorund..

Precap: Samar hears waiter speaking about serving liquor and catches him. Jaya sees liquor and confronts waiter who brought liquor here. Guest fume discussing how can they serve liquor.

Update Credit to: MA

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