Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 17th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Satya is Kidnapped

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 17th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rama asks Samar if he is doing right, he should inform Satya’s daughters about her. Samar says they will be tensed unnecessarily, so let us cure Satya first and then inform them. He takes Lallan aside and says maa/Rama is kind hearted and cannot understand Satya’s plan, so he wants Lallan’s help to fix cameras all around house and record Satya’s each moment. Prabha Chachi hears their conversation and says she is with them. Satya sits silently on wheelchair acting as in coma. Samar thinks when will Sasuma turn into human from stone. He meets Karthik and Puneeth and informs that Sasumaa is found and is in his house. They both say let us inform Shikha and Richa. Samar says their life is settled now, but not his life, so they should not inform that Satya is found to anyone till he says. Puneeth asks what will he do. Samar says it is his life, he will plan something.

Samar with Puneeth and Karthik returns to Satya’s house and informs her family that Sasumaaa is not yet found. Karthik consoles Shikha and says he has added help request in social media, they sill find Sasumaa soon. Puneeth consoles Richa. Samar sees Jaya crying and feels guilty. He thinks he wants to take Jaya home, so he has to do all this. He feeds Naani looking at Jaya. Jaya continues crying holding Satya’s photo. Mai Tenu Samjhawa ki…song…plays in the background.

Prabha with Lallan peeps into Satya’s room and asks Lallan if CCTV camera recorded Satya’s movement. Lallan no, he is eagerly waiting. Prabha says she prepared very spicy food for Satya, she will move for sure eating it. She is about to feed Satya when Rama stops her and scolds that Satya is their samdhan and they cannot trouble her, what if she is really in coma, she cannot even express her pain. She herself prepares food for Satya and feeds her.

Samar over phone informs Karthik to announce that Sasumaa is found and take her to hospital, he will reach there soon to start drama. He calls Jaya and informs that Sasumaa is found and his friend saw her in a hospital. He reaches hospital thinking Sasumaa started hospital drama, now she herself is trapped in it. He calls Karthik excitedly and sees him in hospital room getting his injuries dressed. Karthik informs that Satya is kidnapped. Samar panics that he was playing prank, but sasumaa fell into trouble, if something happens to her, he will not forgive himself. He continues panicking when Jaya reaches there searching Samar and seeing him speaking to someone in hospital room calls him and asks whom he is speaking to. He says blabbering to himself.

Jaya gets kidnapper’s call who says her mother is kidnapped by him and he will call 1 hour later. She panics and informs Samar. Samar also panics. They reach home and with whole family waits for kidnapper’s call. Kidnapper calls Jaya. Samar asks her to switch on speaker. Kidnapper shows Satya’s video and says if she wants Satya alive, she should bring 50 lakhs at some location and not to inform police. Jaya panics more and says she will arrange 50 lakhs somehow. Samar says he will arrange money and is worried about Sasumaa’s safety, lets keep our differences aside and save Sasumaa firt.

Karthik takes Samar out and says his kidnapping plan is too good. Karthik comes an dsays it is hurting. Puneeth says his acting was good. Samar says Sasumaa is really kidnapped and they have to free her from kidnappers. Nanimaa hears their conversation.

Precap: Samar gives money to kidnapper and asks to return Sasumaa now.
Goon pushes Satya’s wheelchair on highway. Samar and Jaya run towards wheelchair to save her while speeding truck heads towards her from opposite direction.

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  1. bhabho is funny show has been funny hahaah

  2. Yvonne Codner

    Satya/Babhoo is getting her just rewards for all the evil that she has done to her daughters under the guise of protecting them and what she has also done to others. Poor Jaya, she is so innocent and brainwashed by her Mumma. These three sons-in-law are hilarious and weak. Samar tries, but he is no match for his MIL…Nani is the only spunky one in that Sharma family. It’s light-hearted and enjoyable.

  3. I don’t see progress here. Jaya will divorce Samar once Richa leaves just to keep her mother happy.

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