Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 16th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Satya Goes Into Coma

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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 16th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaya informs Samar, Naani, Richa, and Puneeth that mamma/Satya has left home. Samar says it is sasumaa’s plan to stop Richa, so she should go with Puneeth and not fall for Satya’s conspiracies. Jaya shouts even now he thinks mamma is conspiring, he is a manipulator instead as he does always, continues tongue lashing him and walks away with Richa to search Jaya. Puneet says sasumaa must have really left home. Samar says she is manipulating everyone to divert attention. Naani says Samar is right, Satya is very manipulative, if she finds Satya, she will kill her. Samar asks her to calm down.

Jaya and Richa search Satya in market showing her pics to everyone. Shikha joins them. Puneeth tells Samar that sasumaa really must have gone missing. Samar says she is just conspiring to stop Puneeth and Richa’s reunion as she went missing just when Richa was about to leave with Puneeth. Puneeth agrees. Karthik joins them and asks what are they doing here instead of searching Sasumaa. Samar says he knows sasumaa’s planning, but not understanding where she must be hiding. He realizes she must be hiding in a hospital. Karthik says he knows every big hospital’s numbers, let us call and find out. Samar says she must be hiding in a small hospital, so let us search her in small hospitals.

Jaya, Richa, and Shikha reach police station to file Satya’s missing complaint. Inspector asks from when their mother is missing. Richa says from last night, morning, she does not know. Inspector asks why she must have left home. Richa says she is angry on her. Inspector asks why. Jaya says as Richa is pregnant with her ex-husband’s child. Inspector says Shikha she should have explained her mother. Shikha says her mamma is angry on even her as she married her ex-husband recently. Inspector asks what about Jaya. Jaya warns him to mind his business and search mamma. Constable informs that their mamma is city’s biggest divorce lawyer. Inspector laughs that she got her own children’s divorce then.

Samar searches Satya in a hospital and finds her in an examining room. He walks in, and doc asks who is he. He i son-in-law/damad of this lady and asks what happened to her. Doc says she met with an accident and got severe injuries. Samar says he cannot see any injuries on her body. Doc says internal injuries and asks to call her family. Samar says all her daughters have their own problems, so he will be with sasumaa and sends him away. He tries many ways to wake her up and even acts as giving injection, but Satya does not wake up. Rama calls him and asks if he found Satya. He says yes in a hospital in coma, so he will solve Satya’s problems now, already he sent Shikha wiht Karthik, will send Richa with Puneeth, and himself will take away Jaya. Satya opens eyes hearing that. Samar informs Rama that Satya opened eyes with his treatment. Doc returns. Samar says doctor it is tragic, he mean magic, that Satya opened eyes and asks him to prepare discharge papers as Satya can get well only at home.

At Samar’s house, Chachi complains Rama that Satya is making Samar’s life a hell. Samar enters with Satya on wheelchair and says Satya will stay with them and they will get her well by Chachaji’s shayaris and Chachiji’s gossip. Dadaji says he will read holy scriptures for her. Lallan says he will take her to satsang. Satya silently listens to them without blinking eyes.

Precap: Samar informs Jaya that Sasumaa is found in some hospital by his friend, let us go to hospital. He reaches hospital and sees Karthik getting dressing on bed instead. Karthik says someone kidnapped sasumaa.

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