Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 15th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Shikha hurts Satya and Vicky’s heart

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 15th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Samar liking the music in the restaurant. Vicky asks the musicians to go and tells Samar that they will go home and do keertan. Samar says you are getting married, asks him not to lose heart and asks him to enjoy the situation. He asks Satya what to order. Jaya tells that she is having stomach ache so she will have khichdi at home. Satya says we will go home together. Samar and Jaya are leaving and he tells her that he has to eat khichdi because of her. Vicky asks Satya to come near him. He bends down and proposes her for marriage with ring in his hand. Everyone ask her to agree. Satya says yes. Vicky makes her wear ring. Satya smiles. Everyone asks Samar and Jaya, if they like dinner. They ask about Vicky. Samar says he is the new groom and will not be seen now. He will take Maa to different places now. Jaya appreciates Vicky’s gestures for her mother. Rama and Gauri Shankar smiles. Prabha scolds her husband Uma Shankar for being less romantic than Vicky. Rama also gets a chance to scold her husband. She asks him to turn and tell her what color saree is she wearing today. He says green, but she is wearing purple color. Dada ji laughs and asks his sons to accept that they are careless.

Some goons come to the restaurant and asks what is happening here. The goon tells that such people made the society dirty. Satya asks why are they harassing the people. The goon asks who are you? Vicky says I am her would be husband. The goons laugh on them. They ask her to think about society atleast. Shikha comes there and asks how are they talking with her. They ask who is she? She says she is her daughter. The goon says aunty’s daughter is married and she is marrying now. They goon gets the call and goes. Vicky says they left when they get the call and asks where did their society goes. Shikha says they have become society’s agent and they will stay here. She says we can’t fight with society. Satya says I fought with society for you all. Shikha says you was alone, but we have a family and what I will tell to Kabir. Karthik asks her to stop it. Shikha says someone please make her understand and says this is not her age to do this. Vicky says there is no age to smile and says you have humiliated us so much. Shikha says I am talking to my mum and not you, and goes with Karthik. Vicky says they are kids. Satya leaves.

Prabha scolds Umashankar again. Gauri Shankar tells Rama that Vicky stays in US and his expression of love is different. Jaya and Samar hear them. Jaya tells the men that they shall be expressive. Samar tries to make the ladies understand. Jaya tells that Papa and Chacha will confess their love to Maa and Chachi. Vicky comes there and asks what is happening? Gauri Shankar tries to talk to him, Samar sends them all and asks Vicky what happened? Vicky says nothing. Samar asks what happened then? Satya thinks of Shikha’s words. Savitri Devi asks what happened? Jaya gets worried knowing about Shikha and calls her. She asks why did she insult their mum. Shikha says Richa and I are worried. Jaya says Mumma is thinking about herself for the first time and says I will get her marriage done. Shikha says do whatever you want, but we won’t let this marriage happen.

Jaya tells Samar how can she be so insensitive and says the matter is about Mamma’s happiness. She says I will see who stops this marriage. Vicky tells Samar that his marriage is in trouble. Samar asks him to sleep for now, as there is three functions at home, haldi, mehendi and sangeet. Satya looks at the three frocks of her daughters and says when they were small, they were stubborn to buy same things, and says now they are asking different things and asks how to fulfill their demands. Savitri devi asks her to think about herself now. Satya says her happiness lies in her children’s happiness. Nani tells that she is sure that Richa and Shikha will come to her marriage surely.

Jaya thinks of Shikha’s words and gets teary eyes. Samar asks her to think that phupha ji and jija ji are Shikha and Richa and says we will convince them and make the marriage grand. He says she got a chance to arrange her own mother’s marriage. Jaya says I am lucky and can arrange mamma’s marriage.

Precap: Rama tells Gauri Shankar and others to leave from the ladies function. Samar, Vicky, Gauri and Uma Shankar come to the function wearing sarees.

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