Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 15th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Jaya Ends Ties With Suranas

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 15th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaya walks down with her bags. Satya asks where is she going. Jaya says to her sasural. Satya is shocked and akss what is she telling. Jaya says she wants to fix everything right. Satya panics and asks if she forgot how her husband insulted her and kicked her out of house. Jaya says she wants to forget everything which is bothering her and wants to end everything. She calls Rama and says she is coming home. Rama rejoices and informs family. Satya continues trying to convince Jaya. Jaya asks to bail out Samar and get him to his house. Satya asks what is she doing. Jaya asks to do so, else she will see her death face. Satya stands tensed while Jaya leaves. Naani asks Satya to go and bail out Samar. Prabha and Rama excitedly make arrangements for Jaya’s welcome.

Samar out of jail asks Satya why did she bail him out. She says Jaya wanted to and she has asked to bring him to his house and even she has gone there. Samar is amused hearing that. Surana family eagerly wait for Jaya holding aarti thali. Jaya enters home. Rama does her aarti and asks her to come in. Jaya says she is waiting for Samar to return. Satya brings Samar. Rama happily hugs Samar and requests Satya to forget past and bless children for their happy future and walks towards kitchen to get sweets. Jaya stops her and says she wants to end her and Samar’s relationship forever. Rama is shocked and asks what is she telling. Jaya says she does not want them to continue their false hope and does not want her mamma at risk. Rama scolds Samar. Jaya says everyone call her mamma’s puppet and blindly trusts her mamma, she is the way she is and cannot change.

She continues that she wants to see Surana mansion once before saying final goodbye and says she will miss Rama’s blessings. She says she brought their gifts to return in her suitcase and picking her wedding dress returns it to Rama. She returns Prabha and other family members’ gifts and walks away after her emotional speech.

Precap: Rama asks who will reweave broken relationships. A man enters saying whats up Suraanas.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Jaya you sure are your Mothers PUPPET!!!! Your mother is really the DEVIL here open your eyes & use that brain 🧠 that’s if you have one Satya is evil to the core Hate her guess never learnt the meaning of love no wonder husband kicked her out May mother & daughter go to hell Samar you can do better The Surana are such an adorable family

  2. Samar should leave Jaya as she does not love him

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