Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 15th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Satya Makes Samar Dance To Her Tune

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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samar prepares food for Satya and serves her addressing her as madam. He tries to sit with her. She warns dare not to and be like a servant. On the other side, Jaya walks to Vicky and says his mother is very cruel and wicked and informs that she heard Akash’s mother telling Akash that Satya agreed to accept 2 crores and back off from Sarika’s case. Samar serves food to Satya in living room. Satya enjoys food sitting on sofa and says she needs some entertainment and orders Samar to dance. Samar dances on she is a small time girl…song. Jaya with Vicky comes in and asks what is happening. Samar asks her to go away, else madam will get angry. Jaya asks madam..what is happening…and informs Samar that Satya has promised Akash’s mother to back off from Sarika’s

case at end moment for 2 crores. Samar is amused to hear that. Satya denies allegation and asks Samar if he does not trust her, he can leave with Sarika’s file. Samar pleads not to say that, he trusts her. Vicky asks Samar not to trust Satya as she is the cruelest woman he has seen in his life. Satya asks who is he and how did he enter his house. She orders Samar to kick them out of house in 2 minutes. Samar says okay madam and pleads Jaya and Vicky to go away. Jaya continues arguing not to trust Satya. Vicky asks Satya if she is happy seeing them fight again. Satya warns him to get out. Samar sends them out and tells Jaya that they don’t have any other go than trusting Satya. She sees his burnt and cut hands from cooking and feels sad and angry on Satya. Samar runs in.

Samar continues serving Satya and pressing her feet. Jaya returns to hospital and cries sitting on bench. Vicky offers her food, but she does not accept it. Judaii…song..plays in the bckground. Samar falls asleep on couch. In the morning, Satya wakes him shouting if he does not want to attend Sarika’s court case. Samar hurriedly wakes up and apologizes her. She asks him to clean her room and prepare tea for her soon, she does not like to be late. He obeys her and then getting car for her opens front door. She yells she sits in back seat. He drives half way when Satya asks to get him water. He says he forgot and she can have water in court as they are getting late. She asks to reverse car towards home. He returns home and gets her water. She says it is cold and she needs warm one. He rushes in and get warm water.

Jaya with family reaches court and once judge comes calls Samar and asks where is he, judge already came. He says he will reach there in 10 minutes. Judge asks where is Satya devi, she never came late in her life. Jaya says mamma is on the way and will reach soon. Judge asks if she is Satya’s daughter and asks her to call Satya and ask to come within 5 minutes. Satya reaches court and asks Samar to go in. Jaya sees Samar and asks where is mamma. He says she is coming. Jaya sees Satya meeting Akash’s mother and receiving 50 lakhs case and property papers’ briefcase.

Precap: Akash in court lies in front of judge that he wanted to give a second chance to their marriage, but Sarika tried to kill him. Judge permits Satya to question Akash. Satya says no question. Jaya informs Samar’s family that Satya took money to lose Sarika’s case.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. What a sick show Pathetic & demoralizing to man kind Such corruption & stupidity Satya devil is a real B—-ch & the guy in wheelchair & mother equally idiotic The whole show is absurd & no logic in it Making the viewers to stop watching it Pls end it soon No moral substance in it at all Waisted 20 minutes

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