Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 12th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Rama Agrees to Satya’s Illegal Demand Again

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 12th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samar to meet Jaya with gifts and requests her to return home with her. She gets adamant and says she will not until she gets her jewelry. He says he will get her many similar jewelries. She says she needs only her jewerly. He says fine, she can stay here. Naani asks Satya to serve juice to Samar and Jaya. Samar walks down, touches daadi’s feet and leaves. Naani scolds Satya what did her daughter say again that Samar left angrily. Satya walks to Jaya. Jaya cries seeing Samar going and says Samar left without taking her, she does not want jewelry and wants to return to her sasural. Satya starts hr emotional atyachar and says she does not get pleasure trying to separate her and Samar, she just does not want Jaya to suffer like she did. Jaya says she will not go then until

Samar accepts her demand and gets jewelry from his mother.

Lallan gives Jaya’s note to Rama and says he found it outside Samar’s room. Rama reads Jaya’s note that she is going to her maika and calls Satya, asks why her bahu came to Satya’s house. Satya says Jaya came to her own house and says daughter comes come only when she is troubled in her in-laws’ house. Rama asks what happened exactly. Satya says Jaya needs her own locker to keep jewelry. Rama agrees and gets locker fixed in Jaya’s cupboard.

Samar drives car sadly thinking jewelry is more important for Jaya than him. Jaya calls him and asks to come and take her back home. He excitedly reaches Satya’s home. Jaya walks to him happily. Naani stops her and gives her suitcase. Samar leaves with Jaya after touching Samar and Naani’s feet. Naani praises that Jaya is lucky to have Samar as husband.

Samar takes Jaya home and thanks her for returning without demanding jewelry again Jaya excitedly shows him locker in cupboard and asks what Rama’s birthday as she fixed this locker and informed her over phone, so she came back. Samar feels sad hearing that, walks to Rama and confronts her that when bhabhi and chachi keep jewelry with her and did not complain till now, they why she is going out of the way for Jaya. Chachi walks in and thanks Rama for fixing locker in her room as she does not have to keep jewelry with Rama and request her each time. Rama asks not to thank her so much. Jaya walks next and apologizes. Rama says rituals are bound to change, like when she was married, she had to carry ghunghat and when she requests her FIL, he permitted her not to wear ghunghat, she does not want to restrict Jaya for anything. She then asks them both to go and reconcile.

Samar and Jaya return home and apologize each other. They get romantic and get intimate when Jaya’s phone rings. Jaya realizes she kept phone in locker by mistake and forgets password, says she does not know what combination she set. Locker finally opens. Samar picks mobile and asks her to hug him first. She gets closer to him and runs away snatching mobile.

Precap: Jaya organizes family’s dance program on Dadaji’s birthday. Jyoti slips and twists her leg while dancing. Dadaji cancels further program. Jaya’s sister Rama provokes Jaya that Jyoti purposefully is doing drama to stop Jaya’s dance performance.

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  1. DannyComments

    Sadly i think i get why Satya is like this..but she will ruin Jaya’s home. And it is not something to be proud of..all your daughters divorced. If anything, she should try make help Jaya live happily. She doesn’t have to change completely but a little compromise will go a long way.

  2. Candiva007

    Why is Satya doing this to Jaya and Samar? Can’t she see that her daughter is happy?

  3. Some people are just selfish and satya and her girls are. Educated dump

  4. Some mothers are just to possessive and controlling over their daughters. The mum thinks that she knows best and the daughter is still 5.

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