Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 12th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Satya’s Emotional Drama Again

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 12th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaya cries in front of Satya that she did a big mistake last night and consummated with Samar. Satya shouts how could she. Samar walks to her and says nothing happened last night, he slept on couch and Jaya slept on bed. He returns to his room sadly and reminisces Jaya expressing her feelings for him and then in the morning telling her mother it was a mistake. Jaya walks to his room. He says whatever is love for him is a mistake for her, he is tired of his one-sided love for her, it is over now, he can’t run behind her anymore and himself wants to walk out. He walks down and seeing Satya says his grandfather says all children are different but parents are same, but Satya proved it wrong; every mother thinks of children’s better future, but Satya is ruining her own daughter’s house. Satya says if he is finished, she is habituated to hearing taunts in court, she is protecting her daughter instead from bad marriage and will let her forget everything and remarry again.

Door bell rings. Satya says Jay came. She opens door. Jaya apologizes for whatever happened last night. Satya slaps him and shouts how dare he is, she got her daughters educated and made them competent to identify wrong and right, she believes in educate girl and save girl concept. She continues yelling at him and kicks him out. Samar thinks now she will use her promise to emotionally blackmail Jaya. Satya walks back and sits crying. Jaya pleads to stop crying. Satya says if she had known Jay’s evil face, she would not have selected him for Jaya, now Jaya would not think of remarriage, but has to for her sake and gives her promise. Samar keeps Jaya’s hand on Satya’s head and says Jaya will remarrry. Jaya stands amused and walks away. Satya asks what was he doing. Samar preparing ginger tea says he was helping her and made her drama easier as Jaya would not have agreed for remarriage without his insistence. Satya says Jaya would have with her emotional blackmail and challenges soon she will get Jaya married to a boy who is much superior to Samar in all aspects. A man is seen getting out of flight and walking towards his car speaking over phone and telling he will go and meet grandma before reaching office.

Samar passes by Jaya’s room and walks in seeing her crying. She confronts that how dare he is to think she does not love him, she was telling her mistake of breaking mom’s expectations not about their love; he just ruined her feelings for him,, etc.. Samar stands amused.

Man travels in his car towards his office when his driver stops car and says a lady has blocked road. Jaya is seen laughing and helping a few kids cross road. Man falls for her smile.

Precap: Man requests lift from Samar to reach office soon as his car broke down. Samar drops him, and he discusses that he fell for a girl at first sight and his life will be beautiful if he gets her. Samar says love at first sight, he will get her name and address, etc..

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