Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 10th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Satya and Vicky’s Engagement

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 10th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vicky continues acting as inebriated. Samar says Vicky will provoke mob to trash Amarnath. Vicky provokes mob to trash Amarnath for betraying Satya. Mob walks towards Amarnath when he says they should not believe a drunkard and should return home. They all return home. Goons rush out to save Amarnath. Jaya silently gets in. Vicky thinks Jaya must have freed Samar, Satya, and Naani by now. Satya walks out and asks Vicky to get in and speak. Vicky walks in and sees Jaya also tied. Amarnath points gun at Vicky and starts his boasting. Samar badmouths about Satya that because of her Satya is caught.

Amarnath takes everyone out at gunpoint. Vicky pushes Amarnath, and gun falls down. Samar trashes goons and apologizes Satya for misbehaving. Vicky says he already called police.

Police reaches and arrests Amarnath and his goons. Jaya says she is proud of her mamma that she kept her children away from such a cruel man. Satya stops Amarnath and gives him a tight slap for his sins. Amarnath angrily pulls inspector’s gun and shoots at Satya. Jaya and Samar come in front, but Vicky pushes them and bears bullet on his shoulder. Jaya and Samar rush towards him and ask if he is fine. Satya asks to call ambulance. Vicky says he is fine and bullet just brushed his skin and left. Surana family also reaches. Vicky says he will leave for US right now and calls auto. Samar and Jaya plead Satya not to let him go. Rama says if she considers Vicky as her life partner, she will make a best decision of her life. Satya stops Vicky calling him friend and says she did not want a second chance because of fear of being heart broken again, she needs a life partner who can be her companion for whole life. Vicky gets happy.

Back home, Naani taunts Satya that tomorrow is her and Vicky’s engagement and they need to go to her and Jaya’s sasural to find wedding muharath. She continues that children did right by getting her hooked and hopes Satya would have found a life partner for her also.

Next day, Vicky selects sherwani for his engagement. Samar says it is too loud and gives him kurta pajama which he likes. Pandit enters and Rama gives him Vicky and Satya’s kundalis. Satya enters with naani. Samar brings Vicky. Everyone praise Vicky’s new dress, but Satya shies. Vicky says she is shying. Pandit finds wedding muhurath and says it is after 3 years, then says 4 years. Vicky gets tensed. Everyone laugh. Shikha and Richa walk in and tell Satya they need to talk.

Precap: Richa and Shikha take Jaya and Satya in. Samar tells Vicky his marriage is not so easy. Satya comes out and says she needs to talk.

Update Credit to: MA

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