Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Satya’s Blind Adamancy

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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 10th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samar playing game with Jerry thinks he will find out truth via Jerry. He asks Jerry when did he find out he is his father. Jerry says 3 months ago. Samar asks how. Jerry says mamma showed him dancing jodi video. Samar asks if he believed so easily. Jerry says mamma never lies. Samar offers him choc, but he refuses saying mamma does not like him having chocs. Samar feels guilty for using kid to know truth. After sometime, Shalini serves breakfast to family and says she prepared breakfast according to each family member’s taste with Lallan’s help. Rama hesitantly eats breakfast bearing Shalini’s emotional blackmail. Shalini then insists Samar to have her special parantha made for him. He hesitates. She asks Rama to tell him it is a shagun. Rama insists. Samar bites parantha and gets hiccups due to chillies in it. Shalini say she added chillies for not agreeing to her demands. Samar says as a shagun, even she should bite parantha from his hand. She hesitates, but he asks Rama to explain her. Rama insists, Shalini bites Parantha huffing and confronts that she took away Jaya from him, he will never forgive her.

Jaya reminisces Samar pleading her that Jerry is not his son and Shalini is trapping him, thinks whether to believe him or not. She gets Samar’s phone calls repeatedly and ignores them, finally walks out of home informing Satya that Samar is repeatedly calling her. Samar thinks to go to her room if she does not pick call.

Rama slips on oil and falls down spraining her ankle. Samar rushes to her. Shalini also rushes to her. Prabha runs in to bring pain balm. Shalini makes Rama sits on sofa and with emotional blackmail fixes her ankle sprain. Prabha brings balm and says it is not needed now then. Shalini says it will give more relief and applies balm on Ram’s foot. Once Rama leaves, Samar thanks Shalini for helping his mother. Shalini reveals that she poured oil in Rama’s way to make her fall and if he does not agree to her terms, his family will face more dire consequences. Samar angrily reverts back and warns t hat he will punish her for her heinous act and will never forgive her.

At Satya’s house, Satya serves tea to Vicky. Vicky apologizes for yesterday’s argument. She says it is okay. He says he has seen Samar since birth and Samar does not lie, if he says Jerry is not his son, then he means that. Samar walks in. Vicky says he remembered Samar and Samar is here. Samar explains Satya that Jerry is not his son and Shalini herself accepted this. Satya says Shalini did not accept in front of her, so she will not believe without proof. Samar tries to convince her, but she as usual adamantly asks for proof. Samar walks away saying it is waste to talk to him.

Precap: Samar informs Jaya that Jerry is not his son, Shalini herself agreed this and has come with a big motto, he needs Jaya’s help to find out Shalini’s motto. Shalini asks Rama if she and her son will not get their rights. Samar says they will.

Update Credit to: MA

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