Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 10th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Jaya and Samar’s Romantic Date

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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 10th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Satya says Jaya is right, they will not let Samar go from here until he apologizes and feels guilty for his deed. Samar sits smiling and asks Jaya to unpack his bag as he is very tired. Jaya says her family is not insensitive like his family, he can speak to his family whenever he wants to. Samar says even she is his family, can he talk to her. She says she is not his family and walks away. She walks to Richa and consoles her by hugging her. Richa says thank god maa did not find out about her pregnancy. Samar enters and says within 1-2 months, Satya will find out about Richa’s pregnancy seeing her tummy. Richa panics and asks what she should do. Samar asks to show this report to Satya. Jaya shouts she knew he would give such idea and warns him not to interfere. Samar tries to speak, but she continues shouting. Samar leaves. Shikha requests Jaya to let us hear Samar’s plan as they don’t have their own. They walk to Samar. Samar asks Jaya to apologize him first. Jaya says never. Richa pleads her. Jaya agrees and says sorry. Samar says he did not hear. She shouts sorry. He says she has to let him speak always and at 10 p.m., she will go on a date with him at 10 p.m. Jaya resists but agrees. Richa asks what is the plan. Samar says after date.

Samar waits for Jaya near car. Jaya gets ready and walks towards door when Satya stops her and asks where is she going at this time. Jaya says to attend her friend’s party. Satya asks who friend. Jaya says Samiksha Srivastav. Satya says she did not hear this name before. Jaya says she is her new friend. Satya asks her to introduce her friend later. Jaya nodes okay and walks out of house. Samar waiting for her gets mesmerized with her beauty and complements her. She asks him to drive car soon before mamma comes and spoils his date. Samar says he does not want tigress to spoil their date and drives car.

While driving car, Samar says Jaya that she is so beautiful that he cannot take off his eyes from her. She shouts to look at friend. He plays romantic song. She yells again. He says he is wearing her gifted shirt. She says this is not her gifted off white shirt. He asks she told she did not see him at all. She yells where is he taking her. He says to a better place and takes her to a beautiful open restaurant, makes her sit on table, and bringing birthday cake asks her to cut cake. Jaya says this is not her birthday cake. Samar says he knows, he spoilt her birthday. Jaya reminisces Samar insulting her and gets up. Samar holds her hand and requests to celebrate birthday with him. She frees her hand and cuts cake. He feeds her cake and requests for a dance. She says no. He asks not even for an idea. She says he is blackmailing her. He says at least for her sister’s sake. She walks. He sings tere bin nai lagda dil mera dolna…song…She tries to walk away and slips. He holds her.

Precap: Samar apologizes Jaya for his mistake. Jaya says she will not forgive him for that mistake. Samar says he will jump from cliff if she does not forgive him. She says he can. He jumps shouting Jaya.. Jaya gets concerned.

Update Credit to: MA

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