Main Bhi Ardhangini 9th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Vikrant gets ready to kill Mohini and makes Malmal alive

Main Bhi Ardhangini 9th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikrant bringing Malmal there and says now I have to sacrifice your love for her. Piku tries to talk to him, but he makes her sleep. Chunnu asks what did you do with Piku? Vikrant says you became her friend. He tells Mohini that he don’t accept this behavior from her and says I have to make this ring fine as it is Malmal’s safekeeping. He says I thought to give you an easy death, but will not give it now. Mohini says just as I confess my love to Adhiraj. Adhiraj says we have less time. Vikrant makes Mohini wear ring with magic and she loses her voice again. Adhiraj asks him to leave Mohini. Vikrant says he will leave her after death and then Malmal will also kill you. He vanishes with Mohini and takes her to some place. He asks her to give her ring and tells that it is not right to take out the ring from dead body. Mohini gets her voice after giving ring to him. She says we will make you defeat this time. He says this is Kalyug and says evilness grows here. He tells Malmal that even though he is marrying Naagin and she is his love. Mohini says we both are from magical world’s creature and I don’t think Kaal purohit will come here. Just then the tree branches swirls around them. Mohini asks what happened to his magic. Vikrant cuts the tree branches again and again and says he saved them. She asks why did this tree attacked us. Vikrant says because you are calling about Kaal Purohit. He asks her to see? Mohini sees Kaal Purohit there.

Adhiraj and Chunnu try to make Piku gain consciousness. Chunnu tries to use water and throws on her, but Adhiraj says no and asks Chunnu to make her fine with his venom. Chunnu makes her fine and hugs her when she gains consciousness. Adhiraj asks Piku to help her. Piku says Mangu knows where is Papa and gets him back.

Mohini tells Kaal Purohit that Vikrant is a magician and brought her forcibly here. she tells everything. Kaal Purohit says if Malmal has gone mad. They laugh. Mohini asks if he is not ashamed to support him. Kaal Purohit says I had decided to support the person who frees him from this tree and asks Vikrant what he wants? Vikrant says he wants to bring Malmal from Kaal brahmand. Kaal purohit says I will get your marriage done and checks. He tells that his nakshaktras are bad and asks him to wait for sometime. Mohini thinks Adhiraj shall get some solution. Piku ties rope to Mangu. Mangu says I will not tell. Adhiraj asks the kids to tickle him. Mangu refuses and says Vikrant must have killed Mohini by now. Adhiraj says you will be dead too. Mangu says Mohini might be alive and asks them to make Malmal’s body vanish. Piku checks and tells Adhiraj that Mangu doesn’t know about Vikrant. Adhiraj says only Bhujang knows as he had killed Malmal. Piku takes them to Naaglok using her magic. Adhiraj appreciates her magical skills. Bhujang comes there and apologizes to Adhiraj for thinking him wrong. He then appreciates her for kidnapping Vikrant’s daughter. He says Vikrant’s daughter will become the reason of her end. Vikrant senses danger ahead.

Precap will be added soon.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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