Main Bhi Ardhangini 8th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohini tries to confess her love to Adhiraj

Main Bhi Ardhangini 8th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adhiraj telling Mohini that nothing will happen to her and asks for water. Chunnu gets angry on Mangu. Mohini thinks Chunnu can’t fight with Mangu and signs Piku. Piku traps Chunnu in the cage to save him. Adhiraj asks Vikrant what did he do with Mohini? Vikrant says you have done all and not I. He asks Mohini to come with him for a love talk and calls her snake in sleeve. He chains Adhiraj and vanishes with Mohini. In the room, Mohini tells Vikant that she wants to bite him. Vikrant says sometimes you forget that you are an ordinary Naagin and I am the most powerful magician of this world. He says you wants to confess love to Adam baaz after getting engaged to me. Mohini realizes Vikrant made her lose her voice. She takes the knife secretly and stabs him. He closes his eyes. Mohini thinks if his murder is so easy. Vikrant opens his eyes and shocks her. He appears at different places to confuse her and laughs. He asks her to kill him again and laughs. She sits lost. Vikrant asks her to get angry, but can’t do anything. He says today only you will become Malmal from Mohini. He comes out and tells Mangu and Piku that he is going out for some work and asks them to keep eye on them.

Piku asks if Maa is upset with you? Vikrant says he will bring her mum back and tells Adhiraj and Chunnu that they will be fine until Mohini is alive and tells that he won’t be left alive when she turns into Malmal as she don’t like weak people. Mohini dreams about killing Adhiraj and telling that he is lucky to die by her hands. Adhiraj says I love you very much and dies. Mohini says a foolish died in love. She wakes up and says she has seen a bad dream. Mangu and Piku are standing there. Mangu says it will happen.

Piku talks to Mohini doing magic on her. Mohini asks her to do something and break Vikrant’s magic so that she can confess her love to Adhiraj. Piku says she can’t break her Papa’s magic. Mohini asks her to take Chunnu’s help. Piku punishes Mangu and throws him out. Chunnu gets his bag and reads the mantra to make Mohini fine. Adhiraj asks Mohini to break the ring and tells that until it is in your hand, you can’t speak. Mohini thinks to confess her love to him. Vikrant comes to the place and the Sevaks there tells that they have protected the Stone (Malmal) since 500 years and ask for the reward. Vikrant kills them and comes to Malmal. He makes the stone into Malmal. Piku reads Mohini’s mind and tells Adhiraj that she wants him to break the stone as he is Adam baaz and can do. Adhiraj breaks the stone of the ring. Mohini says Adhiraj…Adhiraj asks her to confess her love and says I have confessed to you many times, that I love you madly. Just then Vikrant comes there and says nothing will happen.

Precap: Vikrant takes Mohini to kill her and give her life to Malmal.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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