Main Bhi Ardhangini 8th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Madhav sees Chitra’s spirit

Main Bhi Ardhangini 8th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav telling Narayan that he doesn’t know why Vaidehi is worried and says you might be knowing and asks him to tell what to do to make her normal like she was in childhood, how to make her happy. He thinks he can’t be weak at this time as she needs me and my love. He thinks if you would have been fine then you would have asked me to take care of her. Anuradha comes to her and asks if she is fine. She says she needs to talk to her. She asks didn’t she have anything seeing the food plate. She says I risk my life for you as I regard you as my younger sister, if you are troubled then I can’t be silent. Vaidehi says my strength is breaking. Anuradha asks her to tell truth to Madhav and shows Mata Chunari. She says it will protect you. Vaidehi says I have only one wish since childhood, that is to get Madhav’s love, when my wish is fulfilled and he started loving me, this word love became curse for him. Anuradha says it is a big strength and your big shield. She says you shall fight together with all the troubles. Vaidehi nods her head.

Nilambari meets Tantrik. Tantrik tells that the poornima night is the night when Chitra will try fully to get Madhav and he can lose his life when she tries. He says this will be your big test, and says if you want to lose your son. He says one side is Madhav and other side is Vaidehi who is blessed by God.

Madhav are taking Vaidehi somewhere and asks her to tie the seat belt. He stops the car to tie it. Do dil plays……….He holds her hand while driving. Vaidehi smiles. They come to hospital. Vaidehi asks Madhav if he loves her and asks if he will leave her. Madhav says I will never leave you. Vaidehi asks can you forget your past. Madhav says it was my past. Vaidehi says I am afraid to lose you if I tell you truth. She says I can’t live without you. Madhav asks her to look in his eyes and says I saw your honestly and goodness. He says I will be with you all life. He takes her inside to Narayan. He says you are always chose to Papa and used to tell him immediately. She says yes and asks why you are asking. Madhav asks what is the matter and asks her to break her silence. He gives her Narayan’s promise and asks her to tell him. Vaidehi recalls Chitra torturing her and attempting to kill her. She recalls Anuradha giving her mata chunari.

She comes back home and asks Madhav to make her wear mata Chunari if he finds her behavior changed and asks him to go and come back at 7 pm. Madhav says I will do as you say. Chitra increases her evil powers. Vaidehi prays to God to keep her blessed. She says you are right and I have lost Chitra didi. She says I accept my defeat, you can do what you wanted. The clock is about to strike 7 pm. Chitra comes and says very good Vaidehi. She says today Madhav and I will unite and our incomplete love story will be completed. She enters Vaidehi and smiles. Madhav comes there. Chitra is in Vaidehi and gets close to Madhav. Madhav finds her changed behavior. She says today nobody can stop me from coming closer to you, today we will unite for forever. Madhav says her behavior is changed and she had said that if she behave strange then..He makes her wear Mata Chunari. Suddenly Chitra comes out from her. Madhav sees glimse of Chitra before she disappears from there. He gets shocked. Vaidehi gets weak and falls on Madhav. Madhav makes her drink water. Anuradha comes there and asks Vaidehi what happened? Madhav asks her to take care of her and goes. Anuradha asks what happened to you.

Chitra thinks Madhav has seen me today and thinks if he is happy to know that I have returned. She thinks he must be happy as I am his wife and first love. She says if he gets upset knowing I troubled Vaidehi and entire family then..

No Precap.

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