Main Bhi Ardhangini 6th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohini saves herself from Maha Maya’s trap

Main Bhi Ardhangini 6th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adhiraj coming downstairs. Mohini is in half naagin form and thinks how to save myself. Adhiraj says you will be caught and will be killed by me. Jaichand and Rani come there running there. Adhiraj tells them that they can’t go to Maha Maya’s room and asks them to go. Mohini’s hands are jammed in the trap by Nilambari. She thinks a naagin can’t be trapped by a rat and thinks to break the trap. She spits poison on her hand and it frees her hands, but her hands turn black. She tries to get up, but her back is also stuck with the jelly like thing. She spits poison on the leave and applies to her back. She feels pain and frees herself. Adhiraj comes there and sees leave and the jelly. She thinks some Naagin got freed. He sees someone going and thinks nobody can be saved now. He sees her going and goes to Maha Maya. Maha Maya says do you know what is the punishment for entering my place without asking me? he says death and tells that he came to know about Mohini. Just then he sees Mohini in her room and gets shocked. Maha Maya asks Adhiraj to catch the snakes and says they will come out from their holes on Naag Panchami and will come to their Kuldevta’s temple surely.

Adhiraj looks at Mohini and says if they don’t reach temple then. Maha Maya says then God snatches their powers. She tells Mohini that the captive naags who were made as wood, went to have done the puja when she captured them. She says tomorrow will be enjoyment and asks him not to let any snake go to temple. Mohini thinks she will do the puja anyhow. Adhiraj says it seems she is not yet ready and is sweating being afraid. Mohini says I am not afraid and tells that her baba used to take out venom from snakes. Maha Maya says we will get revenge. Adhiraj says all snakes will die together and says I am waiting for this moment. Mohini says even me, as this will be your last day. Her skin turns scaly. She relaxes and calm herself. Mohini asks shall I rest? Maha Maya says yes and tells Adhiraj that she don’t do anything without asking her.

Mohini is going. Adhiraj asks if she is in hurry to go to temple for naag panchami puja and asks who are you? He holds her hand and says my eyes are on you and tells that once he gets proves against her, he will drag her to Maha Maya. She picks the knife and hits on his hand. He is shocked. Mohini cuts her palm and says she is not afraid of death and any Adhiraj. She says I have saved Maha Maya and can give my life for her. She says Maha Maya is with me and you have seen it. She takes off her dupatta and ties on her hand. Adhiraj keeps chair on her foot. She feels pain. Adhiraj asks her to protect herself. Maha Maya comes there and asks Adhiraj to lift her and take her to room. Adhiraj lifts her. Mohini asks him to accept the first defeat.

Maha Maya is in her room, when the captured snakes ask her to leave them. She laughs and says how to leave you? you came to kill me and asks them to think them as her guests. She says all Naag lok will be in my captivity, I am waiting for your King – Bhujang. Maha Maya asks her magical mirror who is more powerful in this world and laughs. The magical mirror shows Bhujang in the mirror. Maha Maya’s smile vanishes.

She gets angry and says he is Maha Maya’s biggest enemy. She says you are alive, just because you have that, which shall be with me. She says your death Maha maya is standing infront of you and tries to touch Bhujang’s image in the mirror, but it soon vanishes. Adhiraj takes Mohini to her room and leaves. Mohini locks the door and smiles. Maha maya says Adhiraj is my shield and that girl Mohini is the fire which I will use to burn Bhujang’s lanka. Mohini feels that she is losing her powers and feels weak. She opens the door and sees Adhiraj bringing smoky thing in the pot. She closes the door. Adhiraj brings the pot near her door.

Adhiraj tells Maha Maya that he is doubtful on Mohini. Mohini thinks to change her skin. Adhiraj comes there and just then hears Maha Maya shouting his name.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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