Main Bhi Ardhangini 5th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Chitra tries to kill Anuradha as Vaidehi

Main Bhi Ardhangini 5th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav and Vaidehi riding on the bike. Vaidehi holds him. Madhav stops his bike to have kulfi with her. They have kulfi together. Tum ho song plays…..she stumbles and falls. Madhav holds her and smiles. Vaidehi likes the anklet at a local shop. Madhav asks her to buy it as a gift from him. He makes her wear anklet. Later Vaidehi gives tea to Jaichand. Jaichand says it is hot. Vaidehi asks Jaichand to tell what he had seen that night. Jaichand says I saw you at two places at once, but nobody believed me. Rani comes and asks Jaichand to come with her, Vaidehi recalls seeing her lookalike. Anuradha comes and asks what happened? Vaidehi says she has seen other Vaidehi and swears on madhav. Anuradha says I don’t know what is happening as Pandit ji told about the evil spirit. Madhav calls Vaidehi. Vaidehi is about to apply sindoor and sees her own self in the mirror smirking. She scares Vaidehi and breaks the mirror pieces. Vaidehi uses her pallu and gets saved. She asks Other Vaidehi/Chitra what she wants and who is she? Chitra locks the door and goes. Vaidehi cries and shouts calling Madhav. Madhav comes there and asks why she is shouting, Vaidehi tells him that other Vaidehi broke the mirror and tried to harm her. Madhav asks her to relax and checks if there is someone in room. He says there is nobody here and asks her to relax. He checks the mirror and it is fine.

Anuradha asks Madhav to give haldi milk to Vaidehi. Madhav blames himself. Anuradha tries to tell him about Pandit ji, but Chitra makes her cough. Madhav brings water. Chitra throws water on him. Madhav goes to change. Anuradha thinks to tell Madhav anyhow. Chitra says I won’t let anyone help her. Later Anuradha sees Vaidehi unconscious and takes Gangajal kept in the kitchen. Chitra comes as Vaidehi and stitches Madhav’s shirt. Madhav asks her to stop becoming Chitra and says I want to forget her. Anuradha sprinkles gangajal on Vaidehi and makes her fine. Vaidehi says my head is paining. She says don’t know how she fainted? Anuradha says we have to tell Madhav about Pandit ji’s words. She makes her sit and says I will give water. Chitra appears as Vaidehi behind Anuradha and tries to suffocate her to death. She says I won’t let you do anything. Vaidehi calls everyone. Everyone sees Vaidehi holding her neck. She tells Madhav that other Vaidehi tried to kill Anuradha. Sangram blames Vaidehi. Narayan asks him to be quiet. Sangram says Vaidehi can’t stay here.

Precap: Madhav plans candle light dinner with Vaidehi. Chitra asks him to cancel the plan and later she tells Madhav that she has done wrong by marrying him. Madhav is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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