Main Bhi Ardhangini 4th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohini saves a man from Maha Maya’s spider avatar

Main Bhi Ardhangini 4th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohini seeing spider attacking the man. She thinks she has to save the man before the spider attacks him. The man tells the spider that he has two kids and asks it to let him go. He sees a big snake protecting him and gets up shocked. Mohini attacks Maha Maya’s spider avatar. Maha Maya couldn’t see her properly and see her blurred. Mohini becomes human and asks the man not to get scared and run towards the East. The man runs. Maha Maya thinks why she can’t see properly. Chunnu sits on the sofa and thinks humans makes even sofa wear clothes. Jaichand and Rani come there. They ask who is he? Chunnu says he is Chunnu. Rani tells Jaichand that Maha maya must want to entertain them. Chunnu asks why his clothes are strange. Jaichand says it is fashionable. Rani gives chocolate to him. Chunnu spits it and says seems like I am eating iron. Rani opens the wrapper and gives to him. Chunnu spits it and says he don’t like it. Rani asks what do you want to eat. Chunnu says he likes rat. Rani and Jaichand are shocked.

Mohini says today she will kill the spider. She sees Adam Baaz’s Adhiraj and thinks what is in it in Maha Maya’s Maha world. She attacks Spider. Maha maya thinks she is weak and can’t win from her. Adhiraj is flying in air and thinks where is the way to go to Neelkamal mountain. He finally comes there and finds many Adam Baaz there and gets happy to see people like him. He tries to go near there, but gets pulled away. Maha Maya returns home as the human and thinks she ran away being afraid of icchadhari naagin. She shouts Adhiraj. Adhiraj tries to go there again, but gets pulled away. He thinks to go there anyhow, but finds a devil there who tells that he can’t come inside. Adhiraj says nobody can stop me today, I am made from this soil. The devil says that you are stopped by Naagraj Bhujang and until he is alive, you can’t go there. Adhiraj asks him to tell about the Adam baaz’s qabila. The devil says they have nothing to do with you and don’t remember you. Adhiraj shouts Bhujang angrily.

Shalaka asks what is this tamasha? Vasudha asks her to talk slow and says we are giving our powers to Bhujang so that he can trace Chunnu. Bhujang sees Chunnu in a house and says this can’t happen. Chander asks what happened? Vasudha says where is he? Bhujang says I couldn’t find the maya jaal. He says Chunnu has to break the trap himself. Shalaka thinks this is the good chance to get to know about the teen tatva.

Rani asks Chunnu if he eats the rat. Jaichand asks him to tell. Chunnu says I eat chocolate rat just like you like rabbit chocolate. Rani says strange boy came. Jaichand asks Chunnu why did he spit the chocolate. Chunnu says I will go. Jaichand says I think he is icchadhari naag and says if he is naag then our work is easy. If we take him to Maya maya then she will give us magical powers. Rani takes him to kitchen to feed him food. Maha Maya don’t see Chunnu. She asks mirror to show her the truth about the yoddha who will take her to Pinjar, whose reflection is pure and who is truthful. Mohini is having injury on her foot and thinks to do something. She sees the blue flower and thinks to treat her wound herself. She puts the juice on her tail and rubs on it. She finds someone in the jungle and thinks how was he? She asks who is there?

Precap: Jaichand and Rani find Chunnu to be a snake. Mohini and Adhiraj get trapped by the dayan in the jungle.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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