Main Bhi Ardhangini 4th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Adhiraj finds solution to break the magical promise

Main Bhi Ardhangini 4th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikrant coming to Mohini and asks her to drink water to calm her anger. Mohini is crying and throws the glass, says you heard wrong. Vikrant takes the water and makes the glass intact. He says why you are angry as I cut Adhiraj’s feathers, if I wanted then I could have cut his neck, but I got better since you came. Mohini says you will be cunning and cruel always as you have broken the promise. Vikrant says I have left 4 serpents and tells that he will be with him till Anant kaal. Adhiraj tells Chunnu that love is powerful. Chunnu says Mohini did betrayed us. Adhiraj says no, she sacrificed her life for us. Chunnu says Mohini didi is changed and tells that she betrayed us. Adhiraj says you was not there, so don’t know. He says she didn’t say, but she has love for me in her eyes. Vikrant asks Mohini to see his love for malmal in his eyes. Mohini says you have just love for yourself. Vikrant laughs and says I love that Adhiraj confessed love to you. He says I am happy until you confess love to Adhiraj. He asks what is in her mind and tries to read her mind. Mohini shouts no and asks him to go. Vikrant tries to read her mind again. She becomes half naagin and says I have more venom than the anger. He says he don’t like angry Malmal and will talk to her when she is calm. He asks her not to make her anger as her habit else he will get angry. Adhiraj tells Chunnu that Mohini shall have faith on her love and show her love power and then they can fight with Vikrant. They come out of the room. Mangu hears them and thinks to alert Vikrant. He comes to Vikrant and says Adam baaz’s intentions are not good. Vikrant says so that Adam baaz is not stupid like I thought. He says if Mohini expresses her love to someone then she will be freed from the magical promise.

He says once she marries me then their love can’t harm me. Mangu says we shall kill them. Vikrant says Mohini is with me as they are alive, but if I kill them then she will kill herself. He asks him to stop them from meeting.

Adhiraj takes food for Mohini and tells chunnu that they can meet Mohini becoming Vikrant’s sevak. Piku comes and takes Chunnu with her. Adhiraj comes to Mohini. Mohini comes to him and asks about his feathers and pain. She tells that Vikrant must be laughing on her stupidity. Adhiraj says it is not your mistake and tells that they can defeat her, I just need your support and trust. Mohini says nobody can defeat Vikrant. Adhiraj says only one thing is needed to defeat Vikrant. Vikrant says foolishness and says it is because of it people thinks of defeating me and give their life. He is about to attack him with magic, but mohini stops him.

He says I can’t bear if some stranger man meets with fiance and says marriage is after 3 days. Adhiraj says why do you think that Mohini will become wife of a demon. Vikrant is about to attack him again. Mohini says I will not meet him and asks him to go. She takes him out. Adhiraj goes angrily.

Later Adhiraj tells Chunnu that Mohini likes the flowers. Chunnu says this is not your engagement, but of Mohini and Vikrant. He says did you forget that she pushed you out of room. Adhiraj says Vikrant made her do that and shows the letter, says I have kept all the liquid given by Bhujang. He says once she reads this letter and expresses her love to me then she will be freed from the magical promise. Chunnu says Piku will get a lesson that she can’t get mother by magic. Mangu calls Vikrant and Mohini to the hall. He says Vikrant is looking beautiful. Chunnu asks him to marry him. Vikrant tells Mohini that her lover adhiraj has decorated this and is happy as a foolish. He asks Adhiraj to sing song for them. Mohini asks him not to trouble Adhiraj. Adhiraj says he will sing for his friend. He sings and gives letter to Mohini while dancing. She hides the letter. Vikrant takes her to dance. She dances a bit and sits back to read the letter. She reads it and looks at him.

Precap: Mohini gets up before her engagement and says she wants to tell something.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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