Main Bhi Ardhangini 4th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Madhav burns Chitra’s memories to move on with Vaidehi

Main Bhi Ardhangini 4th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vaidehi seeing her lookalike (chitra) with Madhav. Chitra stamps on the ground and a storm comes and surrounds Vaidehi. Vaidehi tries to escape. Chitra relieves everything. Madhav turns and looks for Vaidehi. He searches her and finds her unconscious. He takes her home. Doctor asks her to rest. Vaidehi says how to take rest and tells that she has seen other Vaidehi with Madhav who is exactly like her. She asks Madhav to believe her. Doctor gives her injection and she faints. Doctor says may be she is hallucinating and asks them to take care of her. Madhav says we were having golgappa there, don’t know how she fainted. He says how can there be two Vaidehis? Narayan says she fainted many times and says there is something for sure. Jaichand says Vaidehi said truth and says there is two vaidehis at home. Madhav asks him not to start that topic again.

Sangram asks Anuradha to tell her father that he needs money urgently. Anuradha says I told you already that my Papa don’t have any savings and says from where he will bring money. She asks him to understand. Sangram holds his neck and asks him to bring the money.

Madhav sits at Vaidehi’s side and finds her fever increasing. Chitra appears there. Madhav puts wet cloth on Vaidehi’s forehead. Chitra says you just love me. Madhav asks Vaidehi if she is disturbed because of him as he got married, but couldn’t do his duty. He says whenever I try to come near you, you remind me of Chitra. He says I step towards you and you remind me of Chitra and make me away from you. Chitra says you have to go away from Vaidehi and not me.

Rani tells Sangram and Jaichand that they shall tell Nilambari everything. She asks if Chitra returned? Sangram gets shocked and says you are right. I will call Maa, but her phone is unreachable. Anuradha comes there. Jaichand says I don’t think this is Chitra’s ghost as she used to help Vaidehi, but this ghost is troubling her. Rani says then whose ghost is this? Anuradha thinks if this is soul. Rani sees Anuradha and tells Sangram. Sangram asks what are you doing here? Anuradha says I came to ask help and asks can you help Vaidehi. She says whatever happening with her is strange. Sangram says we have nothing to do with her and asks her to do her work.

Madhav opens the cupboard and says I have to forget you Chitra. He says you are my past, but my present and future is Vaidehi. He says even you might want me to make a new start of my life and for what I have to forget you firstly. Chitra asks him not to forget her for Vaidehi and separate from him. Khogaya song plays….He tears their pics and throw in the dustbin. Chadariya song plays…Madhav and Chitra cry. Chitra asks him to stop. Madhav thinks this is necessary and feels sorry. He burns their pic. She thinks you can’t burn my memories and can’t run from me as I am your ardhangini and will not let Vaidehi become your Ardhangini. She gets up and asks why you want to give my place to her. Madhav says he can’t see Vaidehi’s condition and asks her to get well soon.

In the morning, Vaidehi wakes up and sees Madhav sitting at her bed side. She gives him pillow. He wakes up and says you have woken up and asks how is she? Vaidehi says she is fine. He asks what had happened to you? Vaidehi asks do you trust me? Madhav says ofcourse. Vaidehi says there is one more Vaidehi who looks at me and says I saw you having golgappa with you. She says when I reached there and saw her with you. She says whatever wrong happened is done by her and not me. Madhav asks her to calm down and says I went to have golgappa with you. Vaidehi says that is other Vaidehi. Madhav asks her to call him whenever she sees other Vaidehi and asks her not to take stress. He says we will stay together all day. Vaidehi looks at him. Madhav says we are married now and asks her to smile. Vaidehi smiles.

Madhav takes Vaidehi to terrace to have breakfast. Music plays…Madhav makes Vaidehi have fruits with his hand. Vaidehi also makes him have fruits. Adha ishq plays….Madhav and Vaidehi drink juice and tea. They spend the day together. They look at the sky and smile.

Chitra as Vaidehi tries to strangulate Anuradha. Vaidehi asks her to leave Anuradha. Everyone come there. Sangram asks Vaidehi to leave.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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