Main Bhi Ardhangini 4th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Chitra attempts to kill Vaidehi

Main Bhi Ardhangini 4th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nilambari asking Vaidehi to come out. Vaidehi refuses and says even the trinket which you gave me couldn’t protect me. She says I don’t trust anyone except God. Nilambari says you are right, stay here. I will go to Madhav and assures that she is with her. Vaidehi says ok. Nilambari smirks and thinks I will end your drama. She calls Madhav and pretends to faint. Vaidehi shouts calling everyone and asks God to keep her blessed and safe infront of the evil and protect her and her husband. She says you have to protect my life. She frees herself from the chain and comes out of temple to go to Nilambari. Nilambari acts as unconscious and asks for water. Vaidehi goes to get water. Nilambari thinks even goodness bends down infront of me and nobody can be saved from me.

Vaidehi opens the fridge in the kitchen and finds Chitra. She closes the fridge’s door. Chitra appears infront of her and holds her neck. She asks if her act was over and asks how will you stop me from entering your body. She says you have to bear punishment for today’s drama. She attacks her and circles magical rope in her neck. Vaidehi asks her to leave her. Chitra says I will leave you and pushes her making her fall down. She slaps her and makes her lie down on the kitchen slab and tries to strangulate her.

Rani, Sangram, Jaichand and Nilambari look at Vaidehi in danger. Nilambari says she always wanted this and asks them to go to their rooms and let Chitra do what she wants today. Chitra tells Vaidehi that even God can’t help her, just as he didn’t help her (Chitra) and separated her from Madhav. She drags her and takes her outside near the temple area. She tells Vaidehi that she will kill her today.Vaidehi faints and falls down. Chitra says I have killed you and your God couldn’t do anything and saw your death drama silently. She laughs and says I made you go away from my way. Suddenly temple bells start ringing and the sindoor and the flower falls on Vaidehi due to the heavy wind. A flower is dropped on Vaidehi’s hand. Sindoor falls on Chitra also burning her.

Vaidehi gets up and looks at God’s idol. Chitra feels the burning sensation and is shocked to see Vaidehi alive. She thinks how did she get alive and vanishes. Vaidehi folds her hand and faints. Madhav comes there and holds her. He asks her to open her eyes. Anuradha asks her to open her eyes. Nilambari acts to be concerned for her. Madhav sprinkles water on her face and asks her to get up. He says I can’t live without you. He gets up and goes to the temple. He lights the diya on his palm. Nilambari acts and asks him not to do this. Chitra appears there. Madhav tells God, Vaidehi trust you a lot, but you gave her trouble and pain. He says I will take all her troubles on me and will not let anything happen to her. he says all the troubles have to face me. He asks God to make Vaidehi consciousness else his pratigya will not end. Chitra says you love me, your Chitra and asks why are you doing this for Vaidehi.

Precap: Tantrik tells Nilambari that Chitra will plan big to get Madhav and tells that his life is in risk.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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