Main Bhi Ardhangini 3rd September 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohini fails to kill Adhiraj

Main Bhi Ardhangini 3rd September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chunnu hearing Danav sound and thinks I did wrong to come inside and thinks to return. The Danav comes there. Chunnu thinks he is a little Danav. Danav says he can hear him and says he will eat him. Chunnu runs and falls down. Danav comes to him. Mohini asks Jaichand what he wants to say? Jaichand says you became Naagin and then Mohini. Mohini asks how do you think so and asks if he saw? Rani says we felt that you are a naagin. Mohini asks them not to think much and leaves. Jaichand thinks that day we came to know that we are very weak and tells that he will expose her before Maha Maya. Danav runs away seeing the ghost behind him. The lady ghost tells Chunnu that she will eat him. Chunnu runs. Maha Maya gets angry and thinks her own counterpart was laughing at her and says she will get the pinjar and will kill Bhujang. She gets very angry and becomes half spider. She thinks to go out before anyone sees her.

Mohini comes to Adhiraj and dances with him. Ang lagade re plays…….They are about to kiss when Adhiraj is pulled away from her. She shouts Adhiraj and her imagination ends. She thinks of Bhujang’s words and thinks she will not go close to him and will kill him today. She goes to him and sees him standing. She becomes snake and goes near him to bite him. He says I get angry on Mohini and think to take her life, but then I think with whom I shall talk. Mohini thinks you have to die Adhiraj, Bhujang’s order is sure. She goes out and becomes human again. She looks at him. Kaun mera kya tu laage plays…She then thinks you are nothing to me, but then why I couldn’t kill you. She is going from there and gets her hand injured. Adhiraj hears her and asks her to come to room. Mohini says I have to go. Adhiraj asks her to sit quietly and says I have to apply medicine. He applies applie and blows on her hand. Ek ladka ek ladki plays…..She thinks of Bhujang’s words and takes her hand off from his hand. She says I don’t want your medicine, asks him to be far from her and says we are nothing to do with each other. Adhiraj says if this is the thing then why did you come here and asks her to answer. She asks I will not answer. She says we both hate each other and we have no relation of friendship or sympathy. Adhiraj says hatred and asks if she really hates me then why she protected him from Danav and brought lep for him. Mohini says she did a mistake and says you would have died that day. Adhiraj says you want me to die and asks her to say again. Mohini says she don’t want and says she don’t know what she wants. Chunnu sees the way ending and thinks what to do. He comes to Maha Maya’s room from there and thinks humans might stay here. He thinks if I befriend the human then I can come here daily. He thinks to become friends with humans using the book. He looks at the flowers, vase etc and thinks this is good and might be magical.

Mohini thinks about Adhiraj and her and thinks why he is in her mind and why she can’t take him off from her mind. Adhiraj is in jungle and thinks Maha Maya gave me Vish to kill me and mohini wants to see my dead and thinks what is the use of his life. Mohini thinks of Bhujang and thinks she has to kill Adhiraj. Adhiraj thinks if anyone from his clan is alive then he would have met them. He thinks to go there and touch the sand of the house. He thinks to go to Neelkamal mountain and flies in air to go there. Maha Maya comes to jungle and thinks she can’t bear this pain. Maha Maya thinks to kill the man coming to the jungle to calm herself. She becomes complete spider to kill him. The man gets scared seeing spider infront of him. Mohini looks out through the window.

Precap: Mohini becomes snake and comes to save the man , fighting with Maha Maya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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