Main Bhi Ardhangini 3rd June 2019 Written Episode Update: Anuradha gets hint of Chitra’s soul, Vaidehi witnesses Chitra in her avatar

Main Bhi Ardhangini 3rd June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav asking Vaidehi to come fast as they are going to eat golgappa. Vaidehi gets excited. Chitra enters her and Vaidehi falls down. Chitra takes her avatar, applies make up and leave. Anuradha comes to room and sees Vaidehi fallen on bed. She thinks how is she sleeping. She thinks of her words and thinks to wake her up. She tries to make Vaidehi get up. Vaidehi doesn’t get up. Anuradha thinks to call Madhav and comes out of room. Chitra comes to Madhav and sits in his car. Madhav senses something. Anuradha runs out of house, but Madhav is already left. She thinks what to do? Anuradha thinks she has to do something fast and tries to wake up Vaidehi. She cries and asks her to open her eyes. She sprinkles water on her face. Vaidehi is still unconscious. Anuradha calls Madhav, but Chitra sees her call and rejects it before Madhav could see. She plays the song Jadu hai nasha hai…Madhav thinks of Chitra and closes it. Chitra says I like it and says she will change the song. She asks did you used to go with Chitra and have golgappa. Madhav says I don’t want to talk about Chitra, says if we talk about her then how will we bond. Chitra says we will talk later.

Anuradha calls Lanten and cries thinking what to do. She tries to make Vaidehi come in her senses. She calls Doctor, but even his call is unreachable. She thinks whom to ask help and thinks if something happens to her today then I can’t forgive myself. She brings wet cloth and keeps on her forehead. She thinks if a soul is here in this house and if the soul is doing this. She recalls Sangram getting slapped by the soul. She calls Pandit ji and asks him to come there. Pandit ji says I will reach there. Anuradha cries and asks Vaidehi to open her eyes. Chitra is with Madhav in his car and smiles. Pandit ji comes to Vaidehi’s room and recites om hari om. Anuradha asks him to see what happened to her. He sprinkles gangajal on her reciting the mantras and keeps locket on her. The electricity starts flickering. Anuradha asks what happened? Pandit ji says her soul is not inside her, the evil soul has captured her. Vaidehi’s body color changes. Anuradha asks if she will become fine. Pandit ji puts gangajal on her. Vaidehi gains consciousness and go out calling Madhav. Anuradha asks if this happens again. Pandit ji asks her to sprinkle gangajal on Vaidehi whenever she don’t get consciousness and keep it in the temple.

Chitra and Madhav enjoy the golgappa. Chitra asks the seller to give sweets golgappa. Madhav recalls Vaidehi asking for spicy golgappa and asks her. Chitra says she likes sweet golgappa and says you have forgotten my liking. He makes her have golgappa with his hand. Vaidehi comes there and calls Madhav. She sees her lookalike enjoying golgappa with Madhav and gets shocked. Madhav doesn’t see Vaidehi. Chitra and Madhav feed golgappa to each other. Vaidehi looks at herself and thinks how can this be possible. Chitra turns to her and freezes everyone using her evil powers. Vaidehi is shocked to see everyone freezing. Chitra looks around and sees Madhav and others freezed there. She walks towards Vaidehi.

Precap: Madhav burns Chitra and his marriage pic saying he has to forget her to move on. Chitra says she won’t let him forget her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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