Main Bhi Ardhangini 30th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Vaidehi becomes Mohini, icchadhari naagin to take revenge from Maha Maya/Nilambari

Main Bhi Ardhangini 30th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivji’s snakes crawling and coming to Vaidehi. The trishul which has become snake bites on her forehead. Later it is shown that Vaidehi’s body is kept in the marked circle and she gets some powers from the snake and her skin becomes snaky. She becomes snake woman and takes a new avatar. After 1 year, a lady is seen running in the jungle. A veiled man is running behind her. The lady becomes snake. The man becomes vulture and takes the snake with him. He drops her on ground. The snake becomes a woman, icchadhari naagin. The vulture man comes near her and forwards his hand. He moves the cloth from his face and reveals his face. The icchadhari naagin looks on.

Nilambari comes in the house wearing clothes as a bar dancer. Many people are standing and bending down before her. Adhiraj presents icchadhari naag before her. Nilambari appreciates him and says these naag tried to reach here. Adhiraj comes and kisses her hand. He says his only mission is to protect her and says why don’t these snake understand. Nilambari says whoever is not in my control will be dead. She makes the snake into the icchadhari naagin. Nilambari says you are in Maha Maya’s house. The naagin tells that she will kill her. Nilambari says bhujang can’t do anything. Adhiraj asks her to see what Maha Maya did with the other snakes. The naagin tells that dogs are tigers in the house. Maha Maya gives her 5 mins to reach her and says then you can go to Bhujang. Bhujang is shown and says Mohini has to be ready. Mohini (Vaidehi) is shown dancing. Bhujang comes there. Mohini and Bhujang dance. The naagin try to escape from there, but Nilambari’s clan tortures her showing her mirror. Mohini becomes snake and goes.

Adhiraj is about to kill the Naagin with sword, but Nilambari stops her and says her punishment is not dead, but such a life that she yearns for life. She says this is not an ordinary snake, but Bhujang’s naag and we have her powers. She makes the naagin as the wooden toy. She laughs and says this Naagin is my toy now. I will play with it when I want and will break it when I want. She calls Naagraj Bhujang and says see and hear if you could. Bhujang tells that Maha Maya is a devil and has been our enemy since a year. He says our good sainik is in her captivity, we don’t know what she is doing with them, she wants to snatch Naags’ powers and wants to end our clan. He says she wants to rule on us and that’s why we have to fight with her. His Naag man tells how we will fight with her, whoever crosses that Maya Rekha don’t return. Bhujang says we will win and tells that the 7th soldier is fully ready to fight with Maha maya. Everyone is scared. Bhujang asks what happened? He asks Vasudha, Chandra and says if again.

They tell him that Mohini left hearing about Kaushiki news. Bhujang says why don’t you stop her and says she is not yet ready to cross the rekha and asks them to stop her before she gets trapped in Maha Maya’s trap. He says she doesn’t know that Maha Maya’s vulture always keep eye on the maya rekha. Adhiraj gets snake smell and says I have killed many, but they come again. He says he will not leave them. Vasudha and Chandra come to stop Mohini. Mohini says why did you come to take me? Chandra says you are not yet ready. Mohini says he praises me and tells that I am his best sainik. Vasudha asks her to listen to her and asks her to come with her. Mohini says Maya maya has killed many good sainiks and says nobody will stop me today. She says we all shall go there. Chandra says ok. Adhiraj smells them and is coming towards there.

Chandra says we will divert Adhiraj and asks her to go. Vasudha asks her to make the line vanish without touching it. Mohini says I remember. Adhiraj catches the small naag chotu. Chandra comes and hits him. Adhiraj beats him. Chotu runs away. Adhiraj says if he had captured him then Maha Maya would have been happy. Mohini comes near the Rekha and make it vanish by pouring some liquid. She steps inside the line. Adhiraj comes running near the line and finds the line vanished. He sees Mohini running inside and says your death is coming behind you. She vanishes in smoke. He comes back to haveli and thinks where did that naagin go? He thinks she must have involved in the crowd taking advantage of jashn.

Jaichand tells that he has kept a program celebrating Nilambari Devi becoming Maha Maya. Nilambari signs him to start the program. Some ladies come and dance. Mohini comes indisguise of a dancer and dances. Ghomar song plays…..Adhiraj looks at Mohini and comes near the dancers. All the dancers are dancing and swirls around him. Nilambari claps after the dance performance. Mohini goes from there and comes to Nilambari’s room. She says time has come to free my friends.

She says I have entered your haveli right under your nose, I will kill you and throw you on Bhujang’s feet, this is my promise. Adhiraj comes there and asks what are you doing here? She gets angry and her skin turn snaky. Adhiraj asks if you can’t listen. Mohini turns and becomes a pregnant lady. She says she was feeling uneasy and came to wash her mouth. She asks for the way. He signs her. She goes out and thinks to win Maha Maya’s trust and move Adhiraj from her way. She dances on the song Dilbar…in different clothes. Adhiraj looks at her. Nilambari comes and dances. Chandra comes near Maha maya and is about to bite her, when Mohini stops him and pushes him. Guards catch and beat him. Maha Maya shouts Adhiraj. Vasudha helps Chandra to escape and bites the guard. Mohini asks Maha Maya if she is fine. Adhiraj comes to Mohini and asks who is she?

Precap: Maha Maya says nobody saved me till now. Adhiraj asks Mohini to confess if she came to kill Maha maya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    This is called how to spoil show and story… If writers had nothing in mind, show should have ended rather than turning it into bakwas Naagin type show…
    Going to.miss vaidhehi, chitra and madhav

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