Main Bhi Ardhangini 30th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohini informs Bhujang about Maha Maya invoking Kumbhanda

Main Bhi Ardhangini 30th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maha Maya, Adhiraj and Mohini standing infront of fire. Maha Maya is doing some krita and a hand comes out of fire and shakes with Maya maya. Mohini thinks if her naagin avatar came infront of Adhiraj then he will kill her. Maha Maya asks them to move forward and pushes Mohini in fire. Adhiraj shouts and tries to rescue her. Maha maya stops him. She tells that Mohini will not get burnt in the fire. Mohini shouts calling Adhiraj and realizes she is not burning. Maha Maya says this is tilismi fire to invoke kumbhanda and gets her powers which will be helpful to her. She asks Adhiraj to come. Mohini thinks what Maha maya is doing. Chunnu asks Shalaka about her injured foot. Shalaka scares Chunnu showing her green eyes. Bhujang and Vasudha come there. Bhujang says what are you doing here in jungle. Vasudha asks about her injury. Shalaka says she was hit by the stone. Bhujang insists to see her injury. Shalaka thinks Bhujang will find out that it is bitten by the Danav. He checks and the injury seems to be a scratch. Chunnu says I saw bite on her leg. Shalaka asks did you see? Bhujang takes him. Chunnu thinks he knows Shalaka came to kill them and he will tell everyone.

Maya Maya invokes Kumbhanda. Kumbhanda appears infront of her and says you got your yoddhas’ ready for the black kriya and asks what do you want ? Maha Maya asks her to give tilismi powers to her yodhha so that they can kill Bhujang and the Naag lok. Kumbhanda laughs and says you wanted to kill Bhujang and his Naaglok, you didn’t know about his divine powers and makes her burn. Maha Maya falls down. Adhiraj and Mohini come out of fire. Kumbhanda tells that nobody can kill Bhujang, he can die only when his powers end, and says only tilismi Pinjar can kill him on moon eclipse night and says that night is coming soon. She says if you could manage to get Pinjar then can kill him, else leave thinking. Adhiraj checks Maha Maya’s pulse and says this can’t happen. He asks her to get up and says you can’t leave us. Mohini thinks how can Maha maya die so easily. Adhiraj asks her to get up.

Shalaka mixes vashikaran mix in Bhujang’s food and thinks he will tell her about the three tatva and will shower his love on her. She comes to him and touches his hand. He asks her not to disturb his saadhna. She asks him to have food. He says he has kept ekadashi fast and asks her to eat it. She says I can’t eat as I will keep fast with you. He asks her to tell about her injury which happened due to someone bite. Shalaka says it was an ordinary bite. Bhujang thinks to tell Shalaka later.

Adhiraj asks Maha maya to get up. Mohini thinks if she really died. Jaichand and Rani see from hiding. Jaichand says Mohini and Adhiraj shall die too and they might take Maha maya’s place now. Mohini closes Maya Maha’s eyes and says you will leave us so soon, we didn’t think even in our dreams. Just then Maha Maya comes back to life. Adhiraj says we have to take her home. Maha maya heals herself. Mohini is shocked. Maya Maya asks them to come and search Pinjar with her. Jaichand says Mohini is not happy, must be Bhujang’s naagin and planning something big.

Bhujang asks all his people to do as he said. Shalaka says Bhujang is never wrong. He sees Mohini coming there and tells Shalaka that he wants neelkamal’s leaves. Shalaka goes to get it. Mohini comes there and says why did you let her go. Bhujang says if she comes to know that she wouldn’t have let you go there. Mohini says today she saw Maha Maya’s avatar and says she praised Kumbhanda Mata and asked for weapon to kill you. Bhujang asks what did she give her? Mohini says Mata asked Maha maya to get Pinjar to kill you on moon eclipse. Bhujang says Maha Maya can’t get it, but try all possible things. He asks her to kill Adhiraj to do his work. Mohini asks what? Bhujang says yes. Mohini is shocked.

Precap: Shalaka asks Bhujang about Mohini and asks where is she? Bhujang says he sent her with a special work. Mohini comes back to Maha Maya’s house and bites Adhiraj.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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