Main Bhi Ardhangini 2nd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Vaidehi finds Pandit ji’s letter and kawach for her

Main Bhi Ardhangini 2nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vaidehi asking Tantrik who is he? Tantrik thinks she is not Nilambari and asks who are you? Vaidehi hears someone coming and ends the call. Nilambari comes inside the room. Vaidehi and Anuradha are behind the door and silently go out. Nilambari turns, but there is nobody. Anuradha asks who was on call? Vaidehi says badi maa can’t hurt anyone as she loves everyone. Anuradha says everything is complicated. Sangram calls her and she goes. Madhav sees Vaidehi tensed and says if I tell her that Papa is better then she will be happy. He thinks to tell her in a special way. She comes to the room and sees the light off. Madhav switches on the lights. Vaidehi sees the decorations. Madhav comes and holds her. She moves back. He asks did you make these arrangements. Madhav says this candle light dinner is for you. He makes her sit and says he has arranged everything at home. He asks where is she lost? He shows the food. Vaidehi says Dal Bati. Madhav says and icecream. He says I take care of you so much, but you don’t. Vaidehi says it is not like that and thinks she is helpless. Madhav says I know that you are stressed because of Papa and tells that he will be discharged in few days. Vaidehi smiles. He asks her to have icecream to make her mood better. He makes her have icecream. Song plays….

She recalls Chitra telling that the night will be hers. Madhav tells Vaidehi that tomorrow they are going out and asks her to get ready. Chitra comes there and enters Vaidehi. Madhav brings the saree and shows to Vaidehi. Chitra is in Vaidehi and asks him to make her wear it. She takes out her Pallu. Beintehaan song plays….Madhav holds her closer and is about to kiss her. He stops and says I am very tired, shall I sleep. He says good night. Chitra gets upset. She comes out of Vaidehi and goes. Vaidehi looks at Madhav sleeping and thinks it is good that he slept.

Nilambari meets Tantrik who does the black magic on the skull which turns red. She tells that Chitra has become evil and wants to make Madhav hers for forever. She says this will happen when Chitra uses Vaidehi’s body. Tantrik asks about her phone call. Nilambari says I will not call you from my landline. Tantrik says the caller was a girl. Jaichand is reading a story and gets shocked when Rani holds his shoulder. He shouts ghost. Rani slaps him and asks why are you reading scary stories. She says we shall not be scared from Chitra’s soul as she can’t harm us. She says mummy said that Chitra’s aim is something else.

Anuradha and Vaidehi come to Pandit ji’s house and knock on the door. The door opens by itself. They go inside the house. Nilambari sees haveli car at Pandit ji’s house. She thinks who came here. Vaidehi and Anuradha see the house messed up. She says I hope everything is fine. She calls Pandit ji, but his number is unreachable. She finds the letter kept by Pandit ji asking her to wear the ring which he left and prays for her safety. Anuradha asks Vaidehi to wear the ring. Vaidehi says don’t know why Pandit ji left. Anuradha asks her not to think much. Nilambari is still waiting outside in her car. Vaidehi and Anuradha come out. Nilambari sees them and thinks where you will search Pandit, nobody can save you.

Precap: Chitra is suffocating Vaidehi. Madhav is coming there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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