Main Bhi Ardhangini 29th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Maha Maya sends Mohini and Adhiraj to Dayans

Main Bhi Ardhangini 29th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya Maya telling Adhiraj and Mohini that she is Maha Maya and knows everything. She says I know that you couldn’t find out about the test challenge and will come to me to know about Danav’s truth. She says rather than asking about Danav, concentrate here. They see Maha Maya calling a lady’s reflection. Maha Maya says I don’t do small things and reminds of the boon which she gave to her. The lady as pink smoke asks her to ask anything. Maha Maya asks Adhiraj and Mohini to get ready to increase their powers. Mohini asks what is the need? Maha maya scolds her and calls bala from the magical mirror. She asks bala to take take Adhiraj and Mohini with her. Adhiraj and Mohini go with bala.

Bhujang asks Shalaka what happened to her and asks when did you learn misbehavior. Shalaka says I am not changed, but you and everyone have changed and see me with sympathy. Bhujang says he is proud of her. Shalaka keeps her hand on his chest. He moves away. Shalaka asks him to tell about Naag lok, three tatva. He says it is Vish amrit, vasukhi and vish dhar. Shalaka asks where is it? Bhujang says it is Naag’s mandal precious treasure and I being the raja shall protect it, if I think I am unable to protect it then will tell you.

Bala takes Adhiraj and Mohini to a cave. Mohini says where did you bring us? Bala says kala saya, kala shakti and asks them to take a dip in the tilismi water of Daayan to become pure. They make them change their clothes with evil magic. Adhiraj and Mohini sit. Mohini asks Adhiraj what Maha Maya is going to do with us. Adhiraj says Maha Maya want to give us prize for killing Sambru. He says don’t know why he sent you with me. Mohini says to save you from the beautiful dayans, if they marry you. Shalaka goes inside the tree. Chunnu sees and thinks if it is a secret passage. Adhiraj and Mohini get flashes of Madhav and Vaidehi. Dayan asks them to stand up. They get up. A bat is going from near them. They move, but still holds each other hands. Yeh Lal ishq plays…They remove the outer long dress. They take a dip in the water. Adhiraj and Mohini look at each other. He touches her face. Dayan asks them to come out of water.

Shalaka comes to meet Maha Maya. Maha Maya asks why did you come here uninvited. Shalaka apologizes and says it was urgent so she came. She says Naag log three tatva, sats Bhujang didn’t tell her. Maya Maya asks her to use her beauty to know it. Shalaka says he don’t let me do anything. Maya Maya gives her vashikaran pooshan and asks her to take it and leave. Mohini and Adhiraj come back. Shalaka is returning and thinks the way is scary. She reads the mantra thinking Maha maya’s danav must be here. She fights with Danav and comes out. She asks Chunnu what is he doing here? He says did tree bite you? Shalaka scares him with green eyes. Maha Maya tells she was not talking to anyone. Adhiraj says we came pure from Dayan log. Maha Maya says she will give them powers to kill Naaglok. Mohini is shocked.

Precap: Mohini goes to Bhujang and tells about Maha Maya’s plan to kill them. Bhujang asks her to kill adhiraj which shocks her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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