Main Bhi Ardhangini 29th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Chitra attacks Nilambari to stop Vaidehi

Main Bhi Ardhangini 29th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anuradha asking Vaidehi not to go. Nilambari says whatever she is doing is right and says we have to respect her decision. She asks Vaidehi to do whatever she thinks is right. Vaidehi is leaving…Naina song plays……Chitra says don’t go Vaidehi and thinks how to stop her. She asks her not to go accepting defeat and says you can face any consequences, don’t become victim of Nilambari’s conspiracy. Vaidehi is leaving….Rani waves bye. Nilambari thinks leave illiterate girl and don’t return. Madhav comes and asks her to stop. He says Maa…you wanted me to marry, I will marry Vaidehi and will not let her life ruined due to the false accusation, will get her lost respect back, do my duty and will fill her maang with sindoor, and will hold her hand and marry her. Kaka and Chitra smiles. Vaidehi looks on surprised and drops her stuff on floor. Anuradha and Kaka go happily towards Vaidehi. Rani asks Nilambari to do something. Anuradha asks Vaidehi to come inside. Kaka says she is feeling shy and asks her to take bahu to room. Vaidehi stops her. Anuradha asks her to come. Vaidehi says I don’t want to stay here. Nilambari and her team smiles. Anuradha says Madhav wants to marry you. Vaidehi says I don’t want this relation as a charity or help. She says I want his love and not pity.

Nilambari says go illiterate girl before your mind changes. Chitra thinks to do something to stop Vaidehi and makes Nilambari falls on ground. Everyone rush to Nilambari. They ask how did you fall? Vaidehi also comes running to Nilambari. Nilambari says she doesn’t know how she fell down. Chitra smiles. Madhav comes and asks Nilambari if she fainted again. Nilambari says she slipped. Madhav says I will call doctor. Nilambari says how to tell you that your first wife did this so that Vaidehi becomes your second wife. Vaidehi asks Nilambari to have ice on her injury to get some relief until doctor comes. She then says sorry to Madhav. She puts ice cube on her forehead. Nilambari says I am fine and agrees with your decision, afterall it is your life. Rani says your bag is near the door and asks her to go. Vaidehi says yes. Madhav goes out of the room. Chitra appears there. Rani asks Vaidehi to go. Nilambari says even I will drop you. Chitra says I will not let you go easily. She attacks Nilambari again and she falls on bed. Vaidehi runs to Nilambari and asks what happened? Madhav comes to her. Vaidehi says I am with you. Anuradha says I think you shall stay back as whenever you try to leave, something happens. Your stay in this house is auspicious. Vaidehi says I don’t know all that, but I will stay here. Nilambari thinks Chitra will kill her to stop Vaidehi and thinks to find some other way. She says she wants to talk to Madhav and asks Vaidehi and others to go. Vaidehi goes to kitchen and grinds lep. Anuradha comes there.

Vaidehi asks her to see how she is making lep. Anuradha asks why you are refusing to marry Madhav and says you wanted to marry him. Vaidehi says I want to marry him as I love him, but he gave this property as he felt pity on me and Kaka forced him to take this decision. Anuradha asks what are you saying? Vaidehi says he said that he was helpless to stay with her for two days and said that if it was in his hand then he wouldn’t have stayed with her even for a min. She says if he marries me then it will be like a jail for him. She says Madhav will get freedom if I go from here. Chitra hears her and thinks tell Anuradha that even Madhav loves her, but is oblivious to his feelings. Anuradha comes to Kaka and tells that Vaidehi heard your and Madhav’s conversation. Kaka says he said other things which she didn’t hear and says they have to clear their misunderstanding. Vaidehi is crying in the kitchen while making lep. Shweta and Rani come there. Shweta says I can understand being unmarried and says you have lost self respect and says I agree with Rani, her decision to leave is right. Rani says people will say that she is marrying the same person because of whom her respect is lost and that you have blackened your face intentionally to marry him.

Precap: Nilambari tells Vaidehi that neither of them will be happy if get married. Madhav tells vaidehi that the two days which he spent with her was the best of his life. He asks will you marry me and will become my wife.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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