Main Bhi Ardhangini 28th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Narayan is critical and gives hint to Vaidehi

Main Bhi Ardhangini 28th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chitra attacking Anuradha and throws chair on her. Anuradha moves away and the chair hits Narayan’s head. Narayan falls down and faints. Anuradha shouts calling Madhav and Sangram. Nilambari asks doctor what happened to him. Doctor says he has a serious injury and asks them to take him to doctor. Nilambari says I can’t stay here and will come with you. Madhav asks her to be at home. Narayan opens his eyes and says in low tone that Chitra was not bad and never thought bad about anyone. Vaidehi tries to hear him. He faints. They rush him to hospital. Doctor tells that Narayan has a serious injury and will take time to heal. Nilambari thinks if Chitra is behind this. Anuradha brings tea and gives to Nilambari. She says Sangram ji called and said that bau ji is serious. Nilambari asks Anuradha to tell what happened at that time. Anuradha thinks of Chitra attacking her. Nilambari says I have a doubt on you. Anuradha tells her that she was there, but was trying to save herself and tells that Chitra attacked her and Bau ji. She says she attacked me repeatedly. Nilambari acts not to believe her and says there is nothing like aatma, you are telling this to hide your mistake. Vaidehi comes and says this is done by Chitra didi. Nilambari asks how can you say this so surely.

Vaidehi says she saw her with her eyes. Nilambari asks her not to tell Madhav and asks them to leave everything on her. They go to their rooms. Nilambari smiles and thinks I will kick you out from this house and Madhav’s life with Chitra’s help and that too will kick you out. Vaidehi tells Anuradha that they shall go and meet kaka. She says he said before fainting and said that she was not bad and never thought of anyone’s bad. Anuradha tells her that Chitra attacked her last night and bau ji was injured. Vaidehi asks her to stay away from her and not to risk her life. Anuradha says you are like my sister, I stopped Chitra getting close to Madhav. Vaidehi says I don’t know how to thank you. Anuradha says you are my sister and asks if sasumaa will believe us. Vaidehi nods no and says she shall hear us. Vaidehi is thinking about Narayan, when Chitra comes and attacks her. She makes her fall on the bed and tries to suffocate her with pillow. She says she will kill her. Anuradha comes and sprinkles gangajal. Chitra disappears. Vaidehi tells Anuradha whatever has happened. Anuradha asks her not to worry. Nilambari tells Vaidehi that she is going to hospital with Sangram and leaves. Anuradha comes and asks if sasumaa left for hospital. She says they have to give tiffin. Vaidehi says we will give.

Rani comes and says Papa is serious. Anuradha asks her to call Madhav and asks if he needs anything. Madhav asks her to bring Nilambai. Vaidehi says she left sometime back and asks if she didn’t reach there. Madhav says no. Vaidehi tells Anuradha that Nilambari didn’t reach yet. Anuradha says sasumaa has a changed behavior since she came to know about Chitra. Nilambari and Sangram come to Pandit ji and threaten him to go from there for forever. Nilambari asks Pandit ji to tell what Chitra wants, before going. Pandit ji says Chitra wants to unite with Madhav and wants to take him with her to her world. Nilambari says ok, she wants this and asks Pandit ji to leave the city immediately. Sangram asks her not to contact Vaidehi or Anuradha. Pandit ji cries.

Anuradha and Vaidehi reach temple. Vaidehi asks him to go home and take bath. She says we will stay until you return. Madhav says I will be here. Anuradha asks him to go home and come. Madhav goes. Vaidehi goes to meet Narayan. She sits on his bed and says she regards him as her father since childhood and asks him to become fine for her. She says I will make parathas for you and I will not ask you to diet. She says I will make even lemon acchar for you. She thinks of Narayan’s words and asks what you wanted to tell me.

Precap: Nilambari tells Sangram that she will help Chitra to get Madhav and she will become the villain. She says this will happen tonight and says nobody can stop her now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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