Main Bhi Ardhangini 27th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Chitra tries to kill Anuradha

Main Bhi Ardhangini 27th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anuradha thinking what to do to stop Chitra and breaks the glass piece. She walks on the glass pieces. Madhav and Chitra hear her shouting. They come out. Sangram and others also come out. Madhav takes her to hall and makes her sit. He asks her to take care. Sangram says she don’t walk properly. Nilambari sees Chitra and asks Madhav to go to room. Sangram says I will be with her. Anuradha thinks she can’t let her go. Anuradha asks Madhav to keep the flowers kept in the inhouse temple as the God blessings. She says all your and Vaidehi’s troubles will go away. Madhav says ok. He gets a call. Chitra thinks don’t do this, if you do then my plans will go waste. Madhav gets a call and goes. Chitra thinks Madhav didn’t take the flowers from temple, now nobody can stop me from reaching my aim. Anuradha prays to God to stop the evil overpowers good.

Chitra tries to get close to Madhav again. Madhav says I forgot to bring the flowers from the temple. Chitra thinks to stop him and asks him to bring it in the morning, asks him to forget about blind faith and think about love. Madhav says you are talking about blindfaith who made me do many things in temple. She says it is done and asks him to bring it in the morning. Madhav says I feel we shall bring those flowers to get the temple. He asks her to come. She gets tensed. Madhav takes her out.

Madhav brings her to temple. Chitra comes out from Vaidehi. Vaidehi thanks God and asks him to keep them blessed. He says we shall keep these flowers in the room. Vaidehi says I will also take flower and thinks Chitra can’t enter me if I have these flowers. Chitra gets angry and thinks her plan failed to unite with Madhav because of Vaidehi. Madhav holds Vaidehi’s closer and asks can we continue now? Vaidehi looks at Chitra and says I am feeling sleepy. Madhav asks shall I lie down here. Vaidehi thinks Chitra didi might harm others in the house and seeing her gone, she asks him to lie down on the bed. She gets worried and thinks where is Chitra? She gets restless. Madhav asks why is she restless and says I am with you.

They turn towards each other and sleep holding hands. In the morning, Sangram scolds Anuradha and asks her to stay away from Vaidehi. Anuradha says Vaidehi is in trouble and says if we don’t help her then who will help her. Sangram gets angry and asks her to stop it. She says you will be away from Vaidehi and asks her to end her drama of Chitra’s soul. He goes out from their room. Vaidehi cries and thinks how to leave her alone and if I help her then don’t know what Sangram will do with me. Chitra comes there and the lights start flickering. Chitra says Sangram is right, you are very stubborn, I will teach you a lesson which you will be remembered all life. Anuradha doesn’t hear her and coughs. She goes to get water and thinks why light is flickering. She senses Chitra behind and asks if Chitra bhabhi is behind me. Chitra makes her fall down. Anuradha asks Chitra if she is here and asks her to let her go, what wrong did I do with you. Chitra says you have ruined my plan, I will not let you go and will punish you. She makes her fall down again and again. Anuradha runs.

Chitra strangulates her neck when she is getting down the stairs. Narayan comes there and sees Anuradha beaten by unseen forces. He gets shocked and thinks what is happening. Chitra makes the chair falls on Anuradha, she moves and the chair hits on Narayan’s head making him faint.

Chitra tries to kill Vaidehi and suffocate her with pillow. She says you had played enough game with me, now I will end it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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