Main Bhi Ardhangini 26th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Adhiraj gets hurt seeing Mohini and Vikrant dancing

Main Bhi Ardhangini 26th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chunnu telling Topi that he will melt down with his topi. Topi says what shall I do? Chunnu sees Adhiraj coming through secret door. He asks will you free me? Adhiraj shows the liquid and says it is given by Bhujang and breaks Vikrant’s all magic. He breaks the ball and frees them. Topi says we shall go out, and gets happy saying piddi chunnu is saved from Vikrant’s captive. Adhiraj says we have to go and save Mohini. Mohini has transformed into Malmal and stands at his side. Mangu comes and says Vikrant ji…you have convinced Malmal and greets her. Malmal asks where is my daughter? Vikrant asks him where is Piku? Mangu says I couldn’t bring Piku without this box else I wouldn’t have been alive. Malmal opens the box and says it is empty. Vikrant tells Mangu that he will punished him for his mistake. Mangu says she was in the box. Malmal asks Vikrant not to burn his blood and asks him to end Mangu. Mangu says she was in the box. Vikrant says why I am thinking that you didn’t go to bring her and releases Mohini from the magical spell and tries to read Mangu’s mind with his magic.

Mohini gains her consciousness and thinks Vikrant can make only one person’s mind captive at a time. Piku sees Adhiraj and others and asks if they came for her entertainment. Adhiraj says yes and says yes, princess. She asks Chunnu to dance. Mohini thinks Vikrant shall know that I am freed from his captivity. She asks Vikrant to kill him. Vikrant says he said right and tells that Piku escaped fooling mangu, but she is in the haveli. He locks the haveli with magic and says Piku will not go out. Mohini says we shall go and search Piku in the haveli. Vikrant pulls her near him and asks her to become Malmal first. He hypnotizes her with his magical eyes. She becomes Malmal and smiles.

Chunnu dances infront of Piku while the song bum bum bole plays…Piku enjoys the dance. The naag girls/serpents tell that it seems she didn’t see the dance before. Piku says I was trapped in the mayavi jungle. Chunnu asks her to go back. Adhiraj controls the situation and tells that your Papa must be searching you and will come here. Piku says he will not come to me and tells that he is busy with Naagin Mohini. Adhiraj thinks she is captive and asks Chunnu to handle Piku. He goes out, while Chunnu dances. Adhiraj puts the liquid on himself and becomes invisible from Vikrant’s sight. He sees Mohini and Vikrant dancing and thinks she is looking happy as Vikrant is taking care of her so well. He gets hurt and sad.

Mohini as Malmal and Vikrant dance while the song plays pyaar ki kahani suno……Mohini sees herself in the mirror and finds the snake. She realizes she is Mohini and not Malmal and thinks she can break Vikrant’s magic with her Naag Shakti, but Vikrant shall not know. She thinks to behave like Malmal. Just then Mangu switches off the music. Vikrant shouts at him.

Adhiraj comes back and sees Piku as Nevla and Chunnu as Snake. He asks them to relax. They become human. He asks Chunnu to be silent. Chunnu says she reads our mind and was fooling us and made me dance. Piku says what do you think that a nevla will call snakes for entertainment. She says she enjoyed playing with them. Adhiraj asks Topi to open the door. Mohini tells Vikrant that she wants to see her daughter. Vikrant calls Piku. Mohini feels pain in her ears and asks what are you doing? She says she wants to search Piku. Vikrant asks her to go and understands that Mohini is acting to be Malmal and understood that her life is with him and gets what he wants. Mangu goes behind Mohini. Mohini is searching the kids and thinks Vikrant shall not know that I am Mohini and not Malmal.

Precap: Adhiraj becomes Adam baaz. Piku makes his feathers vanish and appear with a snap of finger. Vikrant is coming there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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