Main Bhi Ardhangini 25th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Madhav learns the holi incident

Main Bhi Ardhangini 25th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav thinking of what he did. Vaidehi comes to take care of him. He says I don’t remember anything, can you remind me. She says even I don’t remember. She goes. He thinks why is she behaving so weird. He comes downstairs and sees everyone behaving weird. He asks Nilambari what happened, why is everyone behaving so strange. She laughs and asks him to forget it. She says come for puja. Vaidehi says you have come. Nilambari says yes, puja preparations are done, right?. Vaidehi says yes. They all go out and do the puja. Chitra looks on. Madhav gets sad. Nilambari calms him. He thinks what happened that Vaidehi is upset. He recalls the past, when Chitra was with him in holi puja.

FB shows ….Nilambari takes Chiitra and praises her for not having interest in Madhav’s property. Chitra says I don’t want any money, Madhav’s love and happiness is most valuable to me. Nilambari asks Chitra to sign the property papers, the property belongs to Madhav’s mum. Chitra says but I don’t want all this. She reads the papers and asks what’s this, you have all the property and just 10 percent for Madhav. Nilambari says what’s wrong, my children will get my property later, sign it soon. Chitra says if the property is on my name, I should just name it to Madhav, not anyone else. She returns the papers and pen. Nilambari thinks Chitra is very smart. FB ends. Nilambari says we will have a solution soon, we have to be careful. She asks them to show what happened in holi. She sees the video.

Madhav comes to talk to Vaidehi and asks why are you avoiding me, what’s happening. She says I have to go and wash clothes. He gets angry and goes. He gets the video and gets shocked seeing Vaidehi and his hug. Shweta also gets the same video. Rani asks what happened, did you see any ghost. Shweta says how did this happen, I didn’t send the video. Rani asks how can this happen. Shweta says I didn’t send it to anyone. Chitra says this video will unite Madhav and Vaidehi, you both will keep fighting. She laughs seeing Rani and Shweta arguing.

Madhav scolds Shweta. He says you want to defame me and Vaidehi. Shweta says its nothing like that. Rani taunts Madhav and takes his class. He goes. Nilambari praises Rani and says lets see what Vaidehi does now. Madhav comes to Vaidehi and apologizes to her. He tells her about Chitra. Rani hears them. He says time had stopped, and there was just love in that moment. Vaidehi says love is a beautiful feeling. He says but I love Chitra, not you. She cries.

Vaidehi breaks down and cries. Anuradha says Chitra is the reason of Madhav’s smile. Vaidehi says one day, Madhav will fall in love with me, I want to become like Chitra.

Update Credit to: Amena

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