Main Bhi Ardhangini 24th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Vaidehi saves Anuradha from Chitra

Main Bhi Ardhangini 24th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav seeing marks on Vaidehi’s back and asks her. Chitra is in Vaidehi and says it might be allergy and she will be fine. Madhav says I will bring medicine. Chitra asks him not to leave her again and says please. She acts like Vaidehi. Madhav sits down on the bed. Anuradha collects some newspaper and burns it. Madhav and Chitra are about to get closer. She keeps her hand on his head. Anuradha burns the papers and the hall gets smoky. Madhav kisses Chitra/Vaidehi’s hand. Anuradha goes from hall. Madhav is about to kiss her, when Anuradha comes there and asks them to open the door. Chitra gets angry. Anuradha tells Madhav that fire broke out in hall. Madhav runs out of room. Anuradha sees Vaidehi angry and realizes she is Chitra. Chitra comes out from Vaidehi freeing her body. Vaidehi looks at Chitra and then at Anuradha.

Chitra says I will end your game today. She gets the door closed and locked. Vaidehi hears Chitra and panics. Anuradha asks what happened? Chitra holds Anuradha’s neck. Vaidehi shouts bhabhi and asks Chitra to leave her. Anuradha feels hard to breathe. Vaidehi folds her hand and asks Chitra to leave Anuradha. Chitra says whoever comes inbetween Madhav and I, are my enemy. Vaidehi asks her to leave Anuradha and takes knife in her hand and keeps on her neck. She says if I did then you can’t fulfill your motive. Chitra says you will not do this. Vaidehi says Madhav’s promise, I will kill myself, don’t forget that you need me. Chitra leaves Anuradha. Anuradha coughs and feels short of breath. Vaidehi makes her drink water and asks are you fine? Anuradha says I am very scared, Chitra bhabhi will kill me, you saved me. Vaidehi says until I am alive, I won’t let anything happen to you. She hugs her.

Chitra vents out her anger in the storeroom and says how dare Vaidehi to threaten me. She is nothing infront of me and is dreaming about defeating me. She says Madhav is mine and will always be mine. She smiles. Next morning, Vaidehi is applying sindoor in her maang, Madhav says today I will know everything and asks what is happening in the house. He says I am asking you as you are related with the happenings. He says why all these things are happening, whenever we try to get intimate, something happens. Vaidehi says why are you saying this. Anuradha comes and asks her to tell everything to Madhav and says if you don’t tell him then I will tell him. Madhav asks what are you hiding from me. Anuradha is about to tell. Vaidehi stops her. Anuradha asks her not to stop her today and tells that whatever is happening with Vaidehi, Chitra is behind it. She says Chitra’s soul is wandering in the house and troubling Vaidehi. Madhav comes to Chitra’s photoframe and says you came to me. It is Vaidehi’s dream. Vaidehi wakes up shockingly and says this can’t happen. Madhav comes to the room and says you don’t get good dreams as you don’t eat food properly. He asks her to drink tea and asks what happened? Vaidehi hugs him and says nothing. He says come with me to the factory, you will feel fresh. He asks her to drink tea.

Vaidehi thinks I thought you as rakshak, but you was bhakshak. Your evilness can’t win from my goodness. Nilambari comes home and splashes gangajal. Anuradha makes Rangoli talking to Pandit ji and says she did as he said. Nilambari puts gangajal on the rangoli and scolds her for lack of concentration. She steps on the rangoli and gets inside the house. Madhav gets happy to see Nilambari and tells that they miss her. Rani, Sangram and others get happy to see her. Vaidehi is looking in the sky and thinks everything is fine in daytime, but I can’t do anything in the night. Chitra comes and says you said right, now the day is going to end. She asks why are you stitching these clothes and for me. She says I will get inside you and will get Madhav. Vaidehi says Madhav will find out that it is not me and says you can’t unite with him. Chitra says you will lose and I will win today. Vaidehi gets tensed. Chitra goes. Vaidehi thinks to make Madhav remember her so that he can never forget her.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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