Main Bhi Ardhangini 23rd September 2019 Written Episode Update: Mystery unfolds, Mohini’s face resembles Vikrant’s lover Malmal

Main Bhi Ardhangini 23rd September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the reflection of Vikrant taking a human form and saying nothing changed in 500 years. Mohini says who is he to kill Maha Maya and runs. Mohini runs behind him to stop him. Vikrant sees them. Shalaka says I will kill them. Topi Danav comes and make them disappear from there. The mongoose laugh at Shalaka. Vikrant asks who was them and seals their mouth. Topi Danav takes Mohini and Adhiraj somewhere. Adhiraj asks why did you stop me from killing him. Mohini says if we didn’t go from there then he would have killed you. Topi Danav says he is Vikrant, evil world’s King and says we could escape as he let us. Adhiraj asks what is the use of this life. Mohini says I would have supported you even if you didn’t help the snakes frees. Adhiraj says but where were they? Mohini says Chunnu and others should have come here. Vikrant looks at Adhiraj and Mohini in the secret frame. He looks at Mohini and thinks of Bhujang. He unseals Shalaka and Mongoose’s mouth. Shalaka asks what did you do? Mongoose says he can do anything, can go in past and future too. Vikrant asks if she wants to know about future. Mongoose tells Shalaka that he will tell her whom to kill at what time. He then thanks Vikrant for becoming his Guru. Vikrant threatens to kill Shalaka.

Chunnu and other snakes come to Adhiraj and Mohini. Chunnu asks Adhiraj to marry Mohini as she dominates on him. Adhiraj smiles. Mohini says we have to reach Naaglok and tell Bhujang. Adhiraj asks them not to leave each other hands until they reach there. Mohini thinks Bhujang will understand now that she was doing his work only by not agreeing to his sayings.

They come to the tree cave. Chunnu asks them not to worry and tells that this is Topi Danav’s house. Vikrant changes his clothes to western clothing. He asks Maha Maya how am I looking? He says I have to kill you before showing my avatar to you. Mohini and others feel the storm in the cave. They cough. Vikrant takes Maha Maya’s ring and gets all her powers. He says time has come to meet Malmal (Mohini).

Adhiraj asks Topi Danav to tell about the way to Bhujang’s place. Topi Danav says it was Maha Maya’s world, but now it is of Vikrant and all the directions are changed. Adhiraj says I will go to all 4 ways and come back. Mohini stops him and says we will find it together. She prays to Maa Mansa and Naagdevta and opens her eyes. She says that middle way. Adhiraj asks if she is sure? Mohini says we don’t have any way rather than believing to God. Adhiraj says first I will go. Vikrant, Shalaka and Mongoose come to the tree. Shalaka gets tired catching up with his speed. She asks did we come to meet this tree. Mongoose says it is Vikrant’s memorial tree. Vikrant hugs the tree and says story ended here. Shalaka says it started. Vikrant says you said right and says I lost Malmal here and found her again today. He recalls his moment with Malmal and thinks here only that Bhujang….

Adhiraj, Mohini and others are walking when one of the snake girl see the stick and touches it. Mohini asks her not to touch it. They all faint and fall down. Topi Danav says atleast I can protect them, but just then he was stabbed by unseen force.

Precap: Bhujang tells Vasudha that betrayal Mohini ruined everyone. Vasudha says this fire can burn you. Bhujang says I have to stop Vikrant and punish Mohini. Mohini comes to Maha Maya’s haveli and finds Vikrant there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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