Main Bhi Ardhangini 23rd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Chitra spoils Vaidehi’s first rasoi

Main Bhi Ardhangini 23rd May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jaichand telling Rani that he is very hungry. Madhav says I will go and help Vaidehi. Anuradha says Vaidehi is a good cook and can make food for all neighborhood alone. Dadi asks him to rest in his room and says we will call you when she is ready with the food. Madhav says okay and going to his room, when Chitra as Vaidehi comes and tells that everyone is waiting for you. Madhav says so soon. He says I want to tell you something and says you would have made food by asking everyone of their choices. He says even Chitra made the food of their liking by asking them. Chitra says I know and asks him to go downstairs. Madhav says actually I want to freshen up and is about to go. Chitra stops him and looks at Vaidehi who is unconscious on the bed. She tells that she is very tired

and sweating and says if you go to bathroom first then I will get late. Madhav says ok and goes downstairs. Chitra comes to room and locks the door. She comes in her real form as Chitra. Vaidehi gains consciousness. Chitra says go and hear everyone’s taunts. Anuradha calls Vaidehi. Vaidehi thinks why she is calling her. Chitra makes her fall down by pushing the chair on Vaidehi. Vaidehi gets up. Chitra says you will be punished for snatching my Madhav.

Vaidehi comes out. Rani says what a speed, you made food fast and came ready. Vaidehi says I made food and is surprised. Anuradha and Vaidehi serve the food. Vaidehi asks did I make this food? Narayan says yes. Anuradha says this is your first rasoi and you have to take the credit. Dadi explains her about first rasoi. Vaidehi touches their feet. She thinks when did I make this juice and thinks she don’t remember anything.

Narayan eats the food first and coughs. Vaidehi asks what happened Kaka. He drinks water. Jai chand eats the food and shouts. He drinks water. Madhav looks surprised and tastes the food. He also coughs. Chitra says your first rasoi can become last and now everyone will shout at you. Everyone feels the food spicy and coughs. Sangram says this is the worst food. Rani asks Vaidehi if she added vegetable in mirchi, mirchi in vegetable. Anuradha asks her to serve kheer. Vaidehi checks and says it is curdled kheer. Dadi says I went to kitchen and added the spices more. Vaidehi says I didn’t make this kheer. Dadi says she is stress. Chitra thinks madhav will kick her out. Madhav says mistake is of us and not of Vaidehi. He says she is tired and then also made this food. Narayan offers shagun. Vaidehi says I can’t accept it. Madhav says Vaidehi is a good cook and we shall appreciate her efforts. Chitra fumes with anger and says she will not let Vaidehi take her place.

Vaidehi is crying in her room and thinks of whatever happened outside. She lights diya infront of Chitra and says what is happening Chitra didi and asks her to help her. Chitra appears and smirks. Vaidehi says what is my mistake, show some way. Chitra blows off the diya and says your mistake is that you are taking my place, and I won’t let this happen, I am Madhav’s wife. Vaidehi lights the diya again. Chitra sets it off. Vaidehi says it seems you are not with me and that’s why this diya is setting off again and again. Dadi comes to Vaidehi. Vaidehi says I can’t understand anything. Dadi says this didn’t happen before. Vaidehi says I don’t remember anything, I didn’t make this food. Dadi says everyone saw you cooking food in the kitchen and says kheer was curdled as the lizard fell in it, it is good that nobody saw. He asks her to rest.

Later Vaidehi comes from bathing. Madhav thinks Vaidehi didn’t notice matri and achaar. He keeps hand on her shoulder. Vaidehi turns and her hairs fall on his face. He moves as the water from her wet hairs fall on his face. Vaidehi says sorry and wipes his face with her Pallu. Song plays…..Chitra gets angry and says I won’t let you close to Madhav.

Vaidehi asks Madhav how to make everything fine. Madhav makes her sleep. Chitra slaps her repeatedly and pushes her on the bed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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