Main Bhi Ardhangini 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohini returns a feather to Adhiraj

Main Bhi Ardhangini 23rd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohini thinking how to find out what vidhi is going on inside and thinks she can’t do anything until this Adhiraj is here. Maha Maya walks on the lines in her room so is Shalaka. Maha Maya succeeds to prove Shalaka good. Bhujang and others look on. Shalaka and Maha Maya having green eyes. Bhujang says you came first in this test. Maha maya says you have passed in my test, I controlled a naagin on my fingers by sitting here and very soon all naaglok will dance on my tune. Adhiraj searches for the feather and thinks where it is, he searches it desperately in his room. He thinks that feather is very important for me, thinks if Jaichand and Rani have taken it then they won’t be saved. He thinks to teach them a lesson for taking his stuff. Mohini comes there and rotates feathers hand fan saying she is feeling hot today. Adhiraj pulls her closer and asks if she is joking? Mohini says she don’t joke and asks if he is searching something. Adhiraj checks the feathers fan and throws it. He doubts on Mohini for his lost feather and thinks she don’t have the courage to go to room and thinks Rani and Jaichand must have done this. He tells that he has to search something which is more important to him than his life. He leaves. Mohini takes out his feather from her back and thinks what is in it? Adhiraj comes to Jaichand and Rani and pulls Jaichand up. Rani calls Maha Maya and asks Adhiraj what did my husband do? Adhiraj says an important feather is missing from my room and says hawk feather. Rani says we haven’t done this. He thinks if it is Mohini’s doings. He gets flashes of Madhav and Vaidehi and thinks who are they? He thinks he can’t harm her. Mohini also thinks the same and thinks why she feels pain.

Shalaka tells Bhujang that he has done a good thing by taking her test and proved that their safety comes first. Chunnu tells that he knows their ancient language. Shalaka looks at Bhujang with green eyes and then hugs Chunnu. Mohini thinks to return feather to Adhiraj and feels bad. Adhiraj as vulture comes on the terrace and becomes human. Mohini asks when did you come and asks if he is human or not? Adhiraj asks her to mind her own work. She says she was searching him to apologize to him. Adhiraj asks are you fine? Mohini says we are not friends and can never be, so we are good being enemies. She asks if he don’t smile, makes other scare and shows his strength and asks did you talk to someone lovingly. Adhiraj says I thought you want to apologize to me. Mohini says she wants to tease him much, but this time it was too much. She says I went to your room to burn your pillow, just like you burnt my pillow and says but I couldn’t burn it, just as I lifted your pillow to burn it, I found this feather. She says I didn’t know that it was so important for you and apologizes to him. She asks if it is related to your past and asks him to tell. She asks him to say what is in this? Adhiraj says why shall I tell you and goes. Mohini gets upset and thinks she did a mistake again and thought that he has a heart. She says you will play with my emotions, I will snatch your feather.

Adhiraj comes to his room and says what I should have answer you, even I didn’t know that this feather is very important to me and makes me feel someone is closer to me, makes me feel love which I never experienced till now, when I get the answers, I will tell you and hopes that day comes soon. Maha Maya hears him and thinks he wants to know about his past, if he comes to know even a word about his past then he will find out. She thinks she won’t let him know. Mohini hears and thinks to find out his past.

Maha Maya tells Adhiraj that Bhujang had killed his parents. Adhiraj gets angry. Mohini becomes snake hearing the flute.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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