Main Bhi Ardhangini 22nd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Nilambari gets hint about Chitra possessing Vaidehi

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Main Bhi Ardhangini 22nd May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav seeing the fire catching up on Vaidehi’s pallu and sets it off with his hand. Nilambari and others make Vaidehi sit. Nilambari asks her not to worry and says a big trouble didn’t happen. She says we will do rasams tomorrow. Madhav also says the same. Vaidehi says sorry and says she wants to do the rasams. Madhav says you don’t need to say sorry. Anuradha says next rasam is enjoyable. Rani asks them to search and find the ring first. She puts the ring in the milky water. Vaidehi and Madhav try to get the ring. They cheer for Vaidehi and Madhav. Jaichand says he thinks Vaidehi will win. Vaidehi recalls Madhav telling that she will have just happiness in her life. She smiles thinking Madhav applying sindoor from his Tilak. Vaidehi gets the ring. Anuradha asks them

to get ready to obey her. Vaidehi asks did you lose intentionally. Madhav asks her to eat the mangoes and don’t count the seeds.

Rani asks Madhav to make Vaidehi wear the ring. Madhav wears her wear the ring and smiles. Chitra is standing near them and gets angry. Madhav and Vaidehi look at each other. Nilambari goes to inhouse temple and sees Vaidehi’s hand impressions turning light on the wall. She thinks what is happening here. Nilambari gets Tantrik’s call and asks what happened. Tantrik says I want to tell you that magical sand worked and Chitra has become evil. She says we made her bhakshak from rakshak. Nilambari gets happy and says Chitra became victim of my poison. Chitra makes the milk dried in the big pot and says I will ruin you Vaidehi. Tantrik tells Nilambari that something happened in the house. She says Chitra can make humans dance on her tune and can enter anyone. He has she has become strong and asks her to strengthen her powers, and fight with her in the kaali temple to get what she wanted. Nilambari says ok. She sees the black foot prints and is shocked.

Madhav comes to Vaidehi and asks are you still thinking about those things. Vaidehi hugs him and says nothing is right, a big abshagun happened, and says I do believe in shagun and abshagun. She says I am doing mistakes since morning and what everyone will be thinking about me. Madhav asks her not to cry. Chitra looks on angrily. Madhav says I brought aam ras and kachori for you. He asks her to drink mango juice. She says I am feeling unwell. Madhav asks her to eat when she feels like. He asks her to rest and goes. Chitra enters Vaidehi’s body and tortures her. She takes her form and says you have to suffer for taking my place in Madhav’s life. Vaidehi’s body/soul is lying on the bed.

Nilambari says we will do first rasoi tomorrow as Vaidehi is unwell. Chitra comes there as Vaidehi and says I will do the first rasoi today. Madhav says you said that you are unwell. Vaidehi says I changed my mind and want to do all rasams today. Nilambari asks if someone forced you. Anuradha says Vaidehi likes to do kitchen work. Dadi says first rasoi is special and asks her to make everything with love. Madhav looks at Vaidehi surprisingly. He is going to his room when Nilambari stops him and says I want to talk to you. She says something wrong is happening since you got married and tells that she had a talk with Pandit ji, and is going to Kaali Ghaati for puja for them. She asks him to take care. Madhav says ok.

Chitra is in the kitchen. Anuradha comes to help her. Chitra says I will do the work and asks her to go and rest. Anuradha says ok. Chitra swirls her hairs and says all the family members will hate you and Madhav will kick Vaidehi out in 24 hours. She looks at the knife and says lets start first rasoi. She stares and makes puri. She takes out uncooked puri with her hand. She then adds chilli in the food made by her. She says get ready to bear the scoldings.

Precap: Madhav says I will go and help Vaidehi. Dadi asks him to go to room and rest. Vaidehi is unconsciously lying in their room. Chitra sees madhav going to room.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. When will this nonsense storyline line end? It would’ve been better to see Chitra resisting Nilambaris dirty tricks and help Vaidehi instead.

    1. Exactly! The serial is going round in circles!

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