Main Bhi Ardhangini 20th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Vikrant kills Maha Maya

Main Bhi Ardhangini 20th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhujang telling Maha Maya that he is returning. Maha maya says he can’t return from where he is there. Bhujang asks her to believe him and says Vikrant is returning from that black grave. Maha Maya says I have seen today that death fear makes a person mad and says I will kill you very soon. Bhujang says time will tell. Mohini asks Adhiraj to come. Adhiraj asks her to go. Mohini says I will not leave you here. He asks her to go. Mohini says where to go, naaglok. She asks who is there for me, with whom I am cry and share my pain. Adhiraj hugs her and says I won’t let you cry, never…main tera ban jawunga plays…..Mohini smiles. She says Maha Maya. Shalaka is going in the jungle when she gets trapped by the magical rope. Mongoose comes there and becomes Danav. Shalaka says she is getting late. He says even I worked and made you work. Shalaka says you are foolish to tie a naagin with the magical rope. She becomes naagin and frees herself. She attacks the Mongoose using the teen tatva and keeps it back in her pocket before leaving. Adhiraj says we will face her together. Mohini says Maha maya will not know that we are here and she spell something to make themselves invisible from her sight.

Maha Maya comes to her room and tells that Bhujang has got mad. She sees her captive snakes freed and thinks it was Bhujang’s plan to call me there so that Mohini frees them. She takes the pinjar in her hand and says it would have been good if she had killed Adhiraj when she killed his family. Adhiraj gets angry, but Mohini stops him. Shalaka comes there and asks Maha Maha to celebrate today. Maha Maya asks why? Shalaka says she got the teen tatva. Maha maya says pinjar is waste now. Shalaka says you can get back Pinjar powers and asks her to do black magic. Maha Maya says I can do anything to kill Bhujang. Shalaka keeps the pinjar in her pocket and asks her to come with her. They leave. Mohini makes Adhiraj and herself visible. Adhiraj asks why did you stop me from killing her. Mohini says we can’t kill them as she has teen tatva. She asks him to come with her.

Bhujang tells Chander and Vasudha that he did the avahan of the weapons as they have to fight with someone, with whom even Maha Maya, Snakes and humans can’t fight together. Shalaka is doing black magic in jungle. Maha Maya asks when did you learn this black magic? Shalaka says I learnt to be loyal to you. Maha maya says you said right that I can’t get loyal servant like you. Shalaka says you said right. She keeps the bat’s feather in the boiling water, lizard eye, horse sweat from the bottle and then the first tatva. Mohini and Adhiraj are looking from far and are shocked. Maha Maya tries to stop Shalaka. Shalaka puts Vishamrit, Vasuki and last vishdhar in the boiling water. Maha maya asks what did you do Shalaka? You have burnt the naagmandal tatva in the boiling water. Shalaka says whatever goes inside, comes back with double power. Shalaka takes out pinjar and cuts her palm, puts her blood in the water.

Maha maya appreciates her and you are a loyal Servant. Shalaka tells Maha maya that until their blood falls in the water, they will not get the teen tatva. Maha maya says she will go now. She sees Mongoose coming there and asks Shalaka to get saved. Shalaka says he works for me. He says Shalaka works for me. Maha maya says I will not do this kriya and says she will go. Shalaka says you can go after doing this kriya. Mongoose laughs. Maha Maya comes back to Shalaka and cuts her palm with Pinjar and puts her blood in the boiling water. Mohini says if Maha maya becomes more powerful then she will ruin this world. Adhiraj says I will kill her before that. They see everyone going inside the boiling water and blood and it heats up. Maa maya asks what is happening. Shalaka says something impossible is going to happen. Some thing falls down from the sky and falls in the boiling water. Maha Maya sees Vikrant and recalls Bhujang’s words. She shouts Shalaka, betrayal. Vikrant twists Maha Maya’s neck and kills her. Adhiraj and Mohini are shocked.

Precap: Mohini asks who is he who killed Maha Maya. Adhiraj says I will only kill her. Mohini tries to stop him. Shalaka comes to know that vikrant can go in past and in future also.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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