Main Bhi Ardhangini 20th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Shweta makes a wicked plan

Main Bhi Ardhangini 20th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav recalling his old days and holi celebrations with Chitra. He narrates everything to Vaidehi. Tera fitoor….plays…. They run around and laugh. Vaidehi asks which is your fav color. He says I don’t want to celebrate holi. Vaidehi says Chitra has taught you to live happily and freely, when she sees you that you are not happy, she will be so bad, you don’t celebrate any festival. Chitra agrees with Vaidehi.

Vaidehi says you run away from everything that reminds you from Chitra, its not wrong. Madhav says what an impressive speech, I don’t know if I want to celebrate holi or not. Vaidehi asks him to toss a magical coin and know it. She tosses the coin. Nilambari thinks how to defeat Chitra. Tantric calls her and says if you didn’t get mangalsutra, there is something else you can get. Vaidehi says you won, fine if you don’t want to play holi. Anuradha comes and says the man has got the holi colors. Vaidehi asks who, I didn’t get anyone. Anuradha says the man says you called him here. Vaidehi says no, I didn’t, anyone can call him.

Anuradha says I never played flower holi. Vaidehi says you said you like yellow color. Anuradha says no. Madhav says tell him you didn’t call him. Vaidehi goes to the vendor. She says sorry Kaka. Madhav says Vaidehi is buying all the flowers. Vaidehi says no. Madhav says you are buying it. He gives money to Kaka. Kaka does tilak to Vaidehi and blesses her. He wishes happy holi. Vaidehi applies colors to him. Madhav takes colors from Vaidehi and says you all can celebrate holi, I will be glad. Vaidehi says it means we all will play holi. He stops her and says yes but except me. He goes to his room.

Narayan says the family is celebrating holi after much time, Madhav will also play holi, I m sure. He blesses Vaidehi. Its morning, jaichand gets scared of Chitra’s spirit. Sangram scolds him. Rani says Jaichand is right, mum couldn’t get mangalsutra from Chitra’s spirit. Sangram says mum has gone to tantric, she will find some way to lessen Chitra’s powers, don’t irritate me. Chitra looks on and twists Sangram’s hand. Nilambari meets tantric and thinks Chitra will pay a big price for this, its my promise.

Shweta makes bhaang laddoos and tells her plan to Rani. She says I will make Madhav intoxicated and then woo him. Rani wishes her all the best. Shweta asks her to record Madhav and her romance in this way. Rani agrees. Shweta says then everyone will get the recording, my respect will be at stake, Madhav will get compelled to marry me. They laugh. Rani asks what if Madhav doesn’t play with you. Shweta says Madhav has to play holi. Vaidehi makes snacks and asks Anuradha to help her. Anuradha cooks along.

Vaidehi tries to take help from Rani and Shweta. Rani doesn’t want to help. Vaidehi says I know Shweta won’t refuse to help me. Shweta agrees to help. Vaidehi asks her to clean the plate. Shweta says its fine, its a small thing, it will be done. She asks Rani to come and do it. Madhav asks what’s happening. Anuradha says Vaidehi has made some snacks. Vaidehi says Chitra used to make this every year, I want to do everything what she used to do. Madhav recalls Chitra and says fine. Vaidehi asks him to taste the snacks and tell her how is it.

Madhav refuses to play holi. Shweta says Vaidehi will convince Madhav. Vaidehi gets dressed like Chitra.

Update Credit to: Amena

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