Main Bhi Ardhangini 20th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Chitra wants to help Vaidehi

Main Bhi Ardhangini 20th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav thanking Shweta for the gift. Nilambari praises Shweta. Vaidehi recalls his words and gets sad. Rani takes the vase to keep. She collides with Vaidehi. She breaks the vase and blames Vaidehi to be jealous of the gift. Madhav gets yelling at Vaidehi. Vaidehi cries. He scolds her for breaking Chitra and his pic. He cries seeing the pieces of vase. He sees Chitra and his pic safe. He picks it. Narayan asks Madhav to apologize to Vaidehi. Madhav goes to Vaidehi and apologizes to her. He says Chitra used to make sweet parathas for me, can you make same parathas for me on my birthday, give me this gift. Vaidehi agrees to him.

He wipes her tears. She forgives him. Chitra talks to Devi in the sky. Devi says you wanted Madhav to get a girl to take care of him, its time you get back to me. Chitra says no, the time hasn’t come, Vaidehi has all the qualities of a good wife, but his family won’t be good to her, until I make Vaidehi capable to save herself, I won’t get Mukti. She apologizes to Devi. She says I will make Vaidehi Madhav’s wife, when Madhav marries Vaidehi, I will get free from this world. Devi agrees and asks her to fulfill her responsibilities. She says you have powers, but you can’t hurt anyone. Chitra thanks her.

Nilambari says matter is something else, Vaidehi did some black magic on Madhav. Rani says I will teach her a lesson. She goes to Vaidehi. Jaichand goes and gets scared seeing Rani trying black magic tactics. She goes to scare Vaidehi. Vaidehi makes food for Madhav. Rani comes to her. Vaidehi laughs seeing her. Rani blames her. She goes to beat Vaidehi. Chitra attacks Rani. Rani gets hurt and screams. Vaidehi says I didn’t do anything. Rani goes away. Vaidehi asks how will I make parathas for Madhav now. She goes to market. Rani comes and shocks everyone. She tells what happened in kitchen. She says Vaidehi really has some powers. Sangram tries to help Shweta. Nilambari thinks to find out if Vaidehi is really doing black magic.

Nilambari asks Madhav to get married. He agrees. She says I have found a girl.

Update Credit to: Amena

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