Main Bhi Ardhangini 1st October 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohini agrees to become Malmal to save Adhiraj and Serpents

Main Bhi Ardhangini 1st October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Piku asking if Mangu is found. They say no. Piku says she can’t search him as he is best at hiding. Mangu hides under the chair. Chunnu thinks to catch him. Vikrant tells Mohini that he will make her Malmal and tells that he lost her 500 years ago. Mangu gets egg smell and comes out. Adhiraj and others trap him in the cage. Vikrant asks Mohini to help him and take part in vidhi. He says he will burn Mohini’s body and make her Malmal. Mohini asks are you mad? She then thinks if I refuse then? Mangu fools Piku and escapes from there. he comes to Vikrant and says he wants to tell him something. Mohini asks vikrant to punish him for disturbing them. Vikrant is about to punish him, but stops. Piku says sorry to Chunnu and frees him. She asks Adhiraj to take everyone from there. Chunnu refuses to go without Mohini and asks him to leave him. He tells that Piku wants to make Mohini as her mother and he will not go with her. Adhiraj promises to come back to get mohini back, and lifts him to go. Vikrant stops them due to his magical powers. Vikrant says now see what I will do with them. Adhiraj thinks to do something and becomes Adam baaz, but Vikrant cages them. He asks do you enjoy fighting with powerful creature like me and asks Mohini why she is refusing his love. Mangu tells Vikrant that Piku was helping them. Vikrant takes Piku to room at a fast speed and traps her in the ball. He asks her to play there.

He asks whom to punish first. Mohini asks him not to punish or trap them. She folds her hands. Adhiraj asks her not to beg infront of Vikrant. Vikrant asks if they love or hate each other. He says this Adam baaz is protecting serpents, this is against the nature. Your friendship is beyond my thinking. He says I don’t like baaz and snakes. Mohini becomes snake, but Vikrant stops her. Mangu tells that Chunnu is very sharp. Vikrant asks him to eat Chunnu. Adhiraj says I won’t let this nevla come near you. He asks Vikrant to let these kids go and says even you don’t want to kill the children. Vikrant says I don’t have the heart and tells that he is not enjoying to torture anyone. He says if I had a loving wife who takes care of me then I would have let you go, but I don’t have wife, heart and that’s why I have to kill you to do timepass. He attacks them. They writhes in pain and shouts. Mohini tries to stop him and thinks she loves them. She thinks of Chunnu, Adhiraj and others. Vikrant asks her to enjoy their death. Mohini asks him to leave them and says she is ready to become his Malmal. Vikrant stops torturing them and asks her to say again. He says you agree to become Malmal. Adhiraj and others ask her not to say yes. Vikrant attacks them again. Mohini says I am ready to become your Malmal and ready to marry you. Adhiraj says no.

Precap: Mohini tells Vikrant that she has a condition and asks him to leave her friends. Vikrant agrees and asks her to kill mohini and become his Malmal. Adhiraj is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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