Main Bhi Ardhangini 18th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohini saves Adhiraj from Bhujang

Main Bhi Ardhangini 18th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohini following the feathers and sees Adhiraj and Bhujang in the sky. She thinks where Bhujang is taking Adhiraj and asks feather to take her there. Chunnu tells Topi that Adhiraj has saved him once and he wants to save him now. Bhujang brings Adhiraj to the place. Adhiraj asks him to leave him and says he wants to kill Maha Maya. He says enemy’s enemy is a friend. Bhujang says you are danger to me and my naag clan and tells that you have to die for my naaglok protection, even though bad thing happened with you. Adhiraj tries to break the rope. Bhujang says it can be broken only by a snake and not by you. Adhiraj says you can’t kill me, I am an Adam baaz. Bhujang says Maha maya’s powers in you and says once you die then my naaglok will be protected. He is about to kill Adhiraj when Chunnu comes infront of him and stops him. A creature comes to Shalaka while she is in jungle. Shalaka asks what to do now? The creature becomes humanly and asks her to do the last work written in the paper. He says after it is fulfilled, then I will have the responsibility. Shalaka laughs on Bhujang’s condition. Chunnu asks Bhujang to leave Adhiraj and says he is very good. Adhiraj says he is snake and has just vish in him. Adhiraj says only a naag listens to other naag and tells that he is also a naag. Adhiraj is shocked. Chunnu signs Topi and he diverts Bhujang by making his sword fly in air. Chunnu hugs Adhiraj and says he won’t let anything happen to him. Adhiraj asks him to go and says this place is not safe. Bhujang sees Topi and scolds Chunnu. He traps Chunnu and Topi in green ball. He is about to kill Adhiraj, when the feather comes and get stuck to the sword. Mohini comes there and calls Bhujang and Adhiraj. Adhiraj says Mohini.

Bhujang says I hope you will not interfere. Mohini tells that he is forgetting his naag maryada due to his anger. Bhujang says you didn’t agree to my orders. Adhiraj asks Mohini, you said that you don’t know him and wants revenge. Bhujang laughs on Adhiraj and says you don’t know anything about you or Mohini. He becomes snake. Mohini thinks she has to save Adhiraj now and becomes snake. Bhujang attacks her and she gets injured. He says I can kill you now itself for betraying me and giving me this guru dakshina. He says I don’t want to kill you as your soul is dead. Mohini thinks she is helpless to save Adhiraj and calls Danavs from the Maha maya’s magical jungle. She then frees Adhiraj, Chunnu and Topi.

Bhujang says you have betrayed me Mohini. I will punish you so that any snake in naaglok think 1000’s times before doing anything. He says before that, I will fight with your Danav. Mohini, Adhiraj, Chunnu and Topi vanish from there. Bhujang lets the little Danav go and thinks Mohini betrayed him. He thinks he had told Mohini about Naag mandals teen tatva. He thinks to go and check.

Maha Maya thinks that Pinjar is waste without Adhiraj and Mohini. She thinks don’t know where they went. Rani and Jaichand come there. Maha maya asks how dare to come there without her permission. Jaichand tells her that Mohini is a naagin shocking Maha Maya.

Adhiraj, Mohini and Chunnu are walking in the jungle and they argue calling each other naagin and adambaaz. Chunnu asks them to shake hands and become friends. Mohini says never. Adhiraj says never. Mohini says she will bite him. Adhiraj says baaz eats snake, but not you as you are my friend Chunnu. Mohini faints and falls down.

Precap: Chunnu asks Adhiraj if Mohini died. Adhiraj says nobody can be saved from Bhujang. Bhujang thinks Mohini as stolen the naag mandal tatva. Maha Maya and Bhujang come face to face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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