Main Bhi Ardhangini 17th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Sant Baba orders Bhujang, Mohini and Adhiraj to end evils

Main Bhi Ardhangini 17th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adhiraj asking mohini if she knows what is this place? She says no. Adhiraj says we shall leave. Bhujang says this ashwame dewale..5 sants place and says there is nobody powerful than these 5 sants. Mohini says I had heard that they gave magical gift to the world. Adhiraj says may be I came by mistake. Bhujang says we can’t go from here without their permission. Mohini says we shall go as kids are alone at home. Adhiraj says no idol is talking. Bhujang says first they will test us and asks her to see the riddle and crack it. Mohini reads the riddle.

Malmal asks Fouzia to search a beautiful Kaya (body) for her. Fouzia says I have fond Kaya for you and tells about Akira, a beautiful pisachani who died in kaal brahmand blast. Malmal says she is beautiful. Bhujang asks them to tell the answer. Adhiraj says I know it is water. He falls down dead. Mohini shouts Adhiraj. Bhujang asks her to calm down and says if we give the right answer then Adhiraj will be alive again. He gives the answer as Vayu, but the answer is wrong and he falls down dead. Mohini thinks what could be the reason and worries for adhiraj and Bhujang and not for herself. She thinks there is less time left now.

Just then she thinks that the answer is time and gives the answer. One of the 5 sants comes infront of her and appreciates for her right answer. He makes Adhiraj and Bhujang alive. Adhiraj says you have saved us again. Bhujang bends down infront of him and asks if I am not suitable for your blessings. The sant/saint tells that they made him Naagraj and he couldn’t save his Naaglok. Mohini asks Bhujang. Bhujang says someone destroyed it. The Saint tells that Malmal came out of kaal brahmand with the dangerous mayavi danav. He asks them to send those danav back who is working for Malmal as her slave. He says Malmal was their head in Kaal brahmand.

He asks them to send the Danavs back and says Mohini will be the head for this mission. Mohini says we all have lost our strength. The Saint says real power is in you and Adhiraj got the special powers. He says you will get your powers when you fight with Malmal. Malmal makes her soul enter Akira. Fouzia says she is happy to see her beauty. Malmal says I know and tells that when she died, Vikrant had swear to bring her back and tells that he has locked her powers in a trunk and sends Fouzia to bring it. The saint asks Bhujang and others to go. Bhujang asks who was that person who killed my naaglog people. The saint says it was pisaschini and she will soon meet you as you are his main target.

Mangu tells Piku and Chunnu that Danav took Adhiraj and others. Piku scolds him and says no Danav had taken them. Just then door is knocked and light flickers. They get tensed.

Precap: Mohini, Adhiraj and Bhujang in all new Avatar gear up to fight Malmal. Vikrant gains consciousness in jungle.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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