Main Bhi Ardhangini 16th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Malmal gets the Naaglok destroyed

Main Bhi Ardhangini 16th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohini thinking where is Piku and Chunnu. Chunnu comes out from under the bed and says he tried to sleep on bed, but couldn’t sleep. Mohini asks where is Piku? Chunnu says she went out to search her father. Just then Mangu comes back. Mangu says she made me parade in the magical jungle. Mohini asks what? She asks Piku not to get worried and tells that they all will search Vikrant. Piku is worried for Vikrant. Chunnu teases her. She makes him get monkey tail. Chunnu dances. Piku laughs. Mohini asks them to finish the milk, but mangu finishes everything and tells that he is also a child from his size. Adhiraj is about to go. Mohini stops him. Adhiraj says he is afraid seeing her love. She says this is the effect of the blast. Adhiraj says seems like you all have lost that Adhiraj, you know. Mohini says you will remember everything soon. Adhiraj says no. hum marjayenge song plays…..Piku and Chunnu come there and try to scare him teasingly. Adhiraj gets iron knives from his knuckles and breaks the thing in Chunnu’s hand. He then worriedly asks if they are fine.

Mohini asks what happened, why did he attack the children. Adhiraj says he didn’t do anything deliberately and tells that he has become a weapon now. He asks her to let me go and find about him. Piku says we will have dinner together. Mohini asks them to wait till dinner. Adhiraj says yes. Piku says they will enjoy dawat and will have continental food. Chunnu says we shall call Bhujang. They go to Bhujang’s room and find a letter. Mohini reads Bhujang’s letter that he is going to his Naaglok. Chunnu says everyone is leaving one by one.

Piku says we will stay as family. Mohini says Naagraj’s eye will be on this haveli as small Naag is here. Bhujang comes back to Naaglok and thinks if his people will accept him He sees all the snakes dead and asks who has destroyed my naaglok. He asks them to come infront and says I couldn’t protect my Naaglok. He shouts why? He hears Vasudha coming in human form and writhing in pain. He holds her and asks if you are fine? Vasudha says I don’t have much time and says he killed all snakes of Naaglok. Bhujang asks who? Vasudha says I didn’t see such cruelty before. Bhujang asks who was he? Vasudha says she was the lady and says I never saw her, she was searching you and when she couldn’t find you here, she said she will punish us and killed everyone. She says she left me so that…She stops breathing and dies, becomes ashes.

A lady Fauzia comes to Malmal and says she has destroyed all naaglok. Malmal says I wanted to hunt Naags. Fauzia says I left Bhujang, Chunnu and Mohini and asks if there is any order for her. Malmal asks her to search her magical trunk and bring Piku to her, tell her that her mother is calling her. Piku and Chunnu like the food made by Mohini. Piku asks where are you going, Adhiraj? Adhiraj says I don’t know. Mohini asks them to have food and cries looking at Adhiraj. Main teri banjawungi plays….Piku asks if she is crying? Mohini says no and tells that food is spicy. She goes to kitchen and comes back. Adhiraj says now I shall go. Mohini says surely. Adhiraj asks Piku and Chunnu not to fight with each other and take care. He asks Mohini to forget him and apologizes for hurting her. Mohini says I can’t forget you and asks him to remember their love. He opens the door and vanishes just then. Mohini shouts Adhiraj. She also vanishes. Piku and Chunnu get shocked.

Bhujang says whoever has killed my Naaglok shall start counting their days and vanishes. Adhiraj, Mohini and Bhujang appear somewhere. Bhujang asks how come you are here? Adhiraj asks where? Mohini asks them to see the sand idols kept there. Adhiraj asks what is this world?

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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