Main Bhi Ardhangini 16th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Maha Maya does vidhi to kill Naaglok

Main Bhi Ardhangini 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adhiraj colliding with Mohini and apologizes to her. She asks if he is fine and asks him to say it again. She thinks to find out from him about Maha Maya’s vidhi. She asks where are you taking rangoli and asks do you know how to make it. Adhiraj says small people, small thinking and says this is poisonous chemical and tells that Maha Maya is doing special vidhi to kill all snakes. She asks how Maha Maya makes the snakes turn into wood and asks him to tell if there is any mantra. He says yes, but I don’t know and if I had known then also I wouldn’t have told you. He goes inside. Mohini tries to stop him and can’t go inside as the door is protected by the evil shield. She thinks to find out what Maha Maya is upto and becomes snake and tries to enter the windows,

but she can’t go inside. Adhiraj comes out. Mohini thinks to go behind him and find out what is he doing? She comes behind him to kitchen and asks if he knows cooking? She asks did your family members fix your marriage? Adhiraj gets angry and asks her not to interfere and don’t forget her limits. She says I am doing my friendship duty. He says friendship with you. She asks him to have enmity then. He says I want to help you and says this is mirchi, haldi etc. He shouts and says I don’t want your help. He then says I don’t want to shout at you. Mohini says I want to help you so that Maha Maya does the video. He says raw oil. She says I will give and gives him in bowl. She asks what Maha Maya is doing? Adhiraj asks her to make her place and says I am inside the room and you are outside. Maha Maya trusts me more. Mohini thinks to apply naag raksha yantra and comes to her room.

She searches it in the room and prays to Maa Mansa. She finds it and smiles. She applies on her body and thinks she will cross the raksha now. Rani comes there and sees the bottle. Rani asks her to give. Mohini says it is mine and tells that Jaichand couldn’t see her sad and gave her the address from where she bought it. She asks her not to fight with her husband and says you keep your husband and I will keep this ittar bottle. Rani says ok and thinks my husband is mine.

Mohini comes to the Maha Maya’s door, but can’t cross the door. Vasudha tells Bhujang that they did a mistake by sending Mohini there. Bhujang says Mohini is a brave soldier. They wonder where is Mohini. Vasudha says I will go haveli and find out where is she? Bhujang says you will not go there as you are unwell and risked your life before. Vasudha says then who will go? Bhujang says I will go. He says you all are my responsibility and if anyone will go there, then I will go. Chunnu opens the book and reads the mantras written in the book. Bhujang becomes stone hearing this. Everyone is shocked.

Chunna drops the book from his hand and the page tears and flies away. Maha Maya is reading the mantras. Mohini thinks to become flower and get inside, but she couldn’t go inside. She thinks how to save my people and prays to Bhujang to give her strength so that she can go inside. The door gets opened a bit. Mohini thanks Maa Mansa. Mohini sees smoke coming out of room and thinks she has to take risk today. Maha maya says her kriya is successful and says she has released a poisonous arrow on Naag lok that it will dry like a dried leaf and fall down. Mohini thinks what did she do? Maha Maya hears the sound and asks who is listening to us. She asks him to open the door and says even she is suffocating with the smoke. Adhiraj comes out and checks who is outside. Mohini is hiding behind the pillar. The glass jar which Maya Maya is holding breaks and the snake comes out from the trap. The snake becomes a icchadhari naagin.

Precap: Adhiraj is about to catch Mohini, when Maha Maya calls Adhiraj and asks him to catch the escaped snake and kill her. Mohini thinks to stop him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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