Main Bhi Ardhangini 15th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Madhav and Vaidehi dance in their sangeet

Main Bhi Ardhangini 15th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nilambari telling Tantrik that Chitra vanished. Tantrik says she can’t vanished and tells that she must be near you. He says I can’t figure out where is she? Nilambari asks him to find out. Tantrik says he will find out and asks her to be careful. Nilambari says I have to do something to stop Madhav and Vaidehi’s marriage, and will give my life if needed. Tantrik asks her to have patience and says Chitra is near you, if you do something then something wrong will happen. Nilambari says nobody can stop me now. Vaidehi sees some dresses and thinks from where it came? Anuradha comes and says she kept it for her wedding night. Vaidehi says I will not wear. Anuradha asks her to wear it along with the jhumkas/earrings. Vaidehi smiles and hugs her. Narayan and Sangram see

the decoration book. Nilambari hears the decorator telling about the decorative pillars which needs to be brought carefully else the person will die if it falls on any person. Nilambari and Sangram get the idea. She signs Sangram. Narayan suspects Nilambari and thinks something is brewing in her mind.

Dadi tells Narayan that Nilambari is happy with Madhav and Vaidehi’s marriage. Narayan says he knows her well and tells that she doesn’t like Vaidehi, but acting. Dadi asks if she will harm Vaidehi. Narayan says she will not do that as it will affect Madhav’s life. He says I will be one step ahead of her. Dadi asks him to be careful.

Vaidehi and Madhav are sitting for their sangeet. Rani dances on the naagin song..Jaichand and Rani tell the guests that there will be dance competition between groom and bride’s side. Some cheers for groom’s side and some cheers for bride’s side. Rani asks Jaichand to take elders’ blessings before starting the competition. Jaichand touches her feet. Everyone laughs. Rani calls Madhav and Vaidehi to stage and asks all elders to come on stage and bless the couple. Dadi and Narayan bless them. Madhav and Vaidehi bend down to take Nilambari’s blessings. Nilambari thinks only a miracle can save you. Rani says lets start the program. She calls the girls’ side relatives. Vaidehi dances with Lanten and Anuradha…on the song hello hello……Dadi joins them….Anuradha asks Sangram if their dance is good. Sangram says yes. Jai Chand and Sangram dance from groom side. Nilambari smiles seeing their dance.

They dance on other songs. Rani calls Madhav and Vaidehi to dance. Nilambari thinks they can’t unite until I am alive. Vaidehi and Madhav dance on the song….Cutie pie….Aaj saaf saaf kehta hun…..Vaidehi hugs madhav.

Precap: Nilambari and Sangram makes the pillar screws loose of the mandap. Nilambari asks him to make it fall on Vaidehi and kill her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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