Main Bhi Ardhangini 15th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Nilambari wants Chitra’s mangalsutra

Main Bhi Ardhangini 15th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nilambari asking tantric to give her a solution to tackle Chitra. He says I will need her mangalsutra first. She agrees and leaves. Dadi takes care of Vaidehi and scolds her. Vaidehi cries. She says I don’t deserve anyone’s love, I can’t become like Chitra. Nilambari tells everyone about Chitra’s spirit, who is troubling them and helping Vaidehi. They all get shocked and recall how Chitra scared them. Nilambari says we have to be together and face her. Chitra looks on. Rani gets scared. Jaichand asks her to save him. Nilambari asks them to stop the drama. She says Chitra I know you are here, you can’t do anything. Chitra gets angry.

Nilambari tells Madhav that she will change his room completely, she needs everything related to his marriage so that she can do Shanti puja. He agrees. She gets happy to get the mangalsutra. She says I will get this polished. Madhav sees it and says sorry, I can’t give this to you. Nilambari talks to tantric and says I m trying to get the mangalsutra. She thinks Chitra would be hearing her. She says you will get what you want. Shweta comes and says Vaidehi is writing Chitra’s diary for Madhav, she is spending lots of time with him, Madhav may marry Vaidehi. Nilambari says I have to get Chitra’s mangalsutra.

Madhav comes to talk to Vaidehi. She asks what happened. He says nothing. She says you want to tell me something. He says there is a rat in my room. She asks what, you are scared of a rat. He says yes, that’s the problem, will you help me. She agrees and tries to find the rat. He says the flour balls are for the rat. She says its bad, rat can fall ill. He says let it be there. She says I think you got me here to tell about Chitra. He says yes, I wish to write every incident about Chitra, if you are busy, we can talk later. She says I have much time, tell me. She writes the diary. He tells her about Chitra planning to catch the rats. FB shows. Chitra giving the flour balls to everyone and sending him out of the house by an excuse of catching the rat, so that she can spend time with Madhav alone. Madhav and Chitra romance.

Vaidehi gets up to leave. Madhav says sorry, I think you got uncomfortable, I should have not shared this with you. She says no, ink fell on my dupatta, I was going to clean it, it dried, you tell me, I will write. Madhav says then Chitra made me keep the flour ball and went for a bath, she played music, I don’t remember the song. Chitra dances on Tamma tamma and asks him to dance with her. He says I can’t. She asks him to try, she will teach him. Madhav dances for her. She laughs and whistles for him. They dance. Vaidehi calls him out and smiles. She says you said you don’t remember song, you remember dance also. He says yes. She asks him to dance. They dance. Nilambari comes and thinks Shweta was right, Vaidehi is getting close to him. She asks what’s happening. He says Vaidehi is writing Chitra’s diary. She laughs. He leaves. She asks Vaidehi to get Chitra’s mangalsutra from Madhav. Vaidehi says sorry, I can’t do this, he has many memories with the mangalsutra. She goes. Nilambari says you will do this. Chitra thinks why does Nilambari want my mangalsutra.

Nilambari takes Chitra’s mangalsutra and succeeds to bound her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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