Main Bhi Ardhangini 15th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Madhav gets the trishul to end Chitra, Nilambari provokes her

Main Bhi Ardhangini 15th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chitra making Vaidehi fall down. Suddenly she feels her hand burning and thinks what is happening. Vaidehi looks at Chitra. Chitra feels pain though she is a ghost and recalls that her powers will get less whenever she tries to hurt Vaidehi. Vaidehi prays to God in the temple. Madhav tries to get the Trishul and finds hard. Vaidehi takes the holy book in her hand. Pandit ji tells that strong determination and hardwork are needed to pluck this trishul out of the soil. Madhav says I believe that I can do this and is determined. He says I can give my last drop of blood for it. He puts his hand on the trishul and his blood falls on the trishul. He asks bholenath to help him. Chitra is in her Shakti peet and sees Madhav about to take out trishul from the ground. She shouts no. Vaidehi reads the holy book in the temple and prays for Madhav.

Madhav uses all his strength to take the trishul and he finally succeeds and manages to take it out. Pandit ji is surprised to see his determination and honesty. Madhav looks at the trishul. He comes home holding the trishul. Vaidehi finishes reading the holy book. Madhav calls her. She keeps the book and looks at the trishul in his hand. Madhav says I will make Chitra’s soul mukti using this trishul. She asks from where did you bring it? He says when she attacked you and when you was lifeless infront of me, that moment was the most fearful moment for me. I realize that I can’t live without you and can’t let anything happen to you. He asks her not to be worried and tells that he went to the temple and tells everything. Vaidehi sees injury on his hand and ties bandage to her hand. Nilambari hits candle on Rani. Rani shouts and comes running to her. She says ghost threw something on me. Nilambari says she threw it and asks her to go and call Chitra. Rani says I am very scared of her and says sorry. Nilambari scolds her and goes. Madhav says I can do anything for you, you are my life’s motive. Vaidehi says she has more truth on their love now and tells that she feels bad about Chitra, I felt that she is my Rakshak and is with me, but this is not truth. She says I can’t accept this fact and says why she changed suddenly. She says I had felt her presence before also, she united us, but don’t know what changed her. Madhav looks on.

Nilambari comes to the storeroom and sees Chitra sitting sadly. She asks her to think about getting Madhav. Chitra slaps her. Nilambari says you will not get anything, shouting at me.. She asks her to go and kill Vaidehi, before Madhav kills you. Chitra goes out. Nilambari smiles.

Madhav and Vaidehi are in their room. He tells that he brought trishul with much difficulty. Vaidehi asks if Chitra can’t bear the trishul attack. Madhav says yes. Chitra sees Nilambari following her and enters Madhav’s room. Nilambari goes away from there. Vaidehi tells Madhav that she is sad as they have to do this with Chitra didi. She says she hurt me very much, but I can’t hate her. She says Chitra didi was your first wife and has special place in your life, which nobody can take. She says I always thought her as my elder sister and the destiny game is that she became my enemy. Chitra hears them and tries to pick the knife.

Chitra tells Vaidehi that madhav is mine. Madhav and Vaidehi run out. Vaidehi falls on the stairs.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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