Main Bhi Ardhangini 14th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Vikrant breaks kaal brahmand for Malmal

Main Bhi Ardhangini 14th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikrant scolding Piku asking what she did? Mohini says I am proud of you Piku. Adhiraj tells Bhujang that he had told him that Piku is not like his father. Bhujang says yes and says she made me believe that she is not like her father and has own individuality, good or bad. Vikrant says foolish girl and makes her unconscious with his powers. Mohini runs to Piku and asks Piku to get up. She asks Vikrant if he has gone mad? Bhujang tells Vikrant that he has lost and malmal can’t return. Vikrant says Malmal will return and asks them to see the grahs and says kaal brahmand door is about to door. Adhiraj asks Bhujang to do something. Vikrant says he will go to Kaal brahmand and will bring malmal’s soul from there. Kaal Purohit says you can’t do this and says I won’t let you break the door of Kaal brahmand. Vikrant says I don’t care. Kaal Purohit says I can’t risk everyone’s lives for this. Vikrant attacks him using Bhujang’s nartak. Mohini runs to Piku and asks her to get up. Vikrant asks Kaal Purohit to think about himself, gets Adhiraj’s feathers and flies high holding Kaal Purohit’s neck. Bhujang asks Mohini to come near them and asks her to make Piku drink the antidote of Vikrant’s magic, but he can’t take out his hand due to the wall. Adhiraj tries and even he couldn’t succeed.

Kaal Purohit asks Vikrant not to break Kaal brahmand and says if you do this then there will be only danavs on the earth. Bhujang asks Vikrant to agree to Kaal Purohit. Vikrant says he is not scared of anyone. Adhiraj asks him to stop. Vikrant kills Kaal Purohit, comes to Mohini and takes her to the wedding altar. Mohini shouts calling Adhiraj and says she just loves him. He says I know. He says nobody can stop me now, but he couldn’t cross the magical wall. Shalaka stops him and says if you could cross the wall, then you will be alive for sometime only. She takes the antidote from him and tells Bhujang that she betrayed him from wrong person and tells that one thing was true and that was her love, she tells that she loved him truly. Bhujang looks on. Shalaka crosses the magical wall with much pain to save Piku. Vikrant attacks Mohini to kill her. Just then he hears Malmal calling him. Shalaka goes to Pilu with much difficulty and makes her drink the antidote of Vikrant’s magic. Piku gets up and sees Bhujang, Adhiraj, Chunnu and Mangu still under the magical wall. She breaks the wall.

Bhujang comes running to Shalaka and asks what did you do? Shalaka tells Bhujang that she has always loved him and hopes that she has fulfilled her naag dharm. Bhujang says I am proud of you and says I will wait for you. Shalaka closes her eyes, promising to return for Bhujang. Mangu thinks to escape, but Bhujang kills him. Adhiraj comes to Vikrant and pushes him. He hugs Mohini. Bhujang comes to Vikrant and tells that mahurat is about to end in sometime and you can’t do anything now. He says this thing will not come before 3000 years. Malmal asks Vikrant to do something and says I can’t stay here for 3000 more years. Vikrant breaks the kaal brahmand door, although everyone tries to stop him. Malmal is coming out of Kaal brahmand and says I am freed now. Vikrant says my Malmal is back. Everyone sees all bad evils with Malmal. Bhujang says I have to close the door. He takes his nartak and breaks it to close the kaal brahmand door. Malmal and all the bad powers go inside. Vikrant shouts Malmal and says I can’t lose her again. He uses his powers to break the door again. Bhujang says this is against the nature. Malmal comes in Mohini and asks if I am alive.

Precap: Malmal thinks to punish Piku.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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