Main Bhi Ardhangini 13th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Maha Maya and Adhiraj fail to see Mohini’s injury

Main Bhi Ardhangini 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhujang and everyone coming back to their naaglok. Bhujang says Mata mansa was happy with their prayers and blessed them. Chunnu the boy asks Mohini if she will go. Mohini gets drowsy and falls down. They see the injury on her back. Chandra says I will bring lep. Bhujang says this is the attack of evil powers knife. Maya Maya becomes spider. Adhiraj becomes vulture and flies out. He picks a snake. He then gets a coconut and takes the snake poison in it and then plucks the blue-purple flowers and takes out its juice in the coconut shell. He becomes vulture and flies away. Bhujang tried to treat her injury and says it is not an ordinary injury. Chunnu says he will go to jungle and bring herbal roots for her. Bhujang asks him not to go and sit down there. Adhiraj comes to Maha Maya and gives her snake and flower juice in the coconut shell. She drinks it and becomes human again. He asks are you fine? Maha Maya stops him. Mohini says they must be doubtful on her. Bhujang says he can’t treat it before 24 hours. Mohini says I can’t stop for 24 hours and have to return now. Bhujang says but. Mohini says there is no place of but in her life.

Maha Maya and Adhiraj come home. Maha Maya asks how do you know about blue juice. He says he doesn’t know. Maha Maya says Bhujang increases her anger and says she thinks of the 500 years old betrayal. Adhiraj asks what had happened 500 years ago. Maha Maya shouts at him and asks him not to ask her.

Bhujang gets worried for Mohini. He asks about Chunnu. Chander asks why is he worried? Bhujang says he is a kid and that’s why he is worried. He couldn’t find him. Adhiraj says if she says then he will kill all snakes. Maha Maya says she don’t want to give them an easy death and tells that they have to find out about the girl.

Jaichand sees snake crawling to Mohini’s room and tells Rani. Rani doesn’t believe him. Jaichand says lets go and check. They go inside. Mohini comes and pats on his shoulder. Jaichand gets shocked and hugs Rani. He tells Mohini that there is a snake in her room and he will catch it. He checks in the cupboard. Mohini says it must have left seeing you. Rani asks Jaichand to come. Mohini closes the door and writhes in pain. Her dress gets wet with flowing blood. Adhiraj and Maha Maya are coming there. He asks her to open the door repeatedly. Maha Maya shouts asking her to open the door. She asks Adhiraj to break the door. They get inside and find her sleeping on bed. She pretends to wake up and asks what happened, you are here at this time. Adhiraj walks around her to check the stain, but her dress is stain less now. Maha Maya about her puja in jungle. Adhiraj asks her to answer. Maha Maya says she will not answer, but my knife’s injury will answer which is at her back. She tears Mohini’s dress, but can’t find any injury. Maha maya and Adhiraj are shocked.

Precap: Bhujang tells everyone that they have to be careful from everyone and they all are in danger.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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